Patrick Andres

Ohio State is Still No. 1 – for Now

ohio state football

Last season, quarterback Cardale Jones helped the Ohio State Buckeyes win one of the most unlikely national titles in college football history. Unlikely because he was the third quarterback to play under center for the Buckeyes that season. First there was Braxton Miller, who went down with an injury. J.T. Barrett stepped in and helped OSU climb the AP and College Football Playoff rankings. And then he was injured, opening the door for Jones.

In a matter of months, Jones went from an unknown to a man being referred to by his nickname of “12 Gauge” in official State of Ohio documents. And as soon as the Buckeyes won the national title, everyone knew what Ohio State faced. Namely, the quarterback controversy to end all quarterback controversies come next season.

Well, next season is here. And as the Buckeyes’ good-but-not-great wins so far have proven, the battle is far from over.

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Patrick Andres

College Football Realignment: Winners, Losers, and Everyone Else

college football realignment pac-12

Once upon a time, boys and girls, college football was stable. The Big Ten had 10 teams, as did the Pac-10. The Big Eight had eight teams, and the Southwest and Atlantic Coast conferences truly focused on the Southwest and the Atlantic Coast. 

But college football has done its best in the last three decades — the last five years specifically — to blow that stability to smithereens.

Conference realignment is the art of conference commissioners sitting down and rearranging college football’s carefully crafted order. And in recent years it has dominated the headlines. It seems to be quieting down, with only two teams (Navy and Charlotte) moving leagues this season. But, just for fun, let’s stroll down memory lane and remember the joy (and sadness) conference realignment brought us.

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Ezekiel Elliott, Ohio State’s Leading Rusher in 2014, is Back for More

zekiel elliott ohio state football

People from Ezekiel Elliott's hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, warned him that it would happen. When the four-star prospect ventured to Ohio State University, they said, he would be quickly forgotten. The school was too big, the competition too strong — he couldn't possibly succeed as a Buckeye.

For a while it seemed his critics were correct. Elliott had been a backup as a freshman and began playing the 2014 season, his second at Ohio State, with his left hand in a cast. (He suffered a broken wrist during August camp.) Heisman hopefuls and other talented teammates consistently eclipsed Elliott's efforts. Leading up to the Big Ten championship game, the running back ranked seventh in the conference in rushing (1,182 yards) and remained largely unnoticed.

Over Ohio State's final three games, however — against Wisconsin, Alabama, and Oregon — Elliott ran for 696 yards, thriving as the competition intensified. He powered the Buckeyes through the inaugural College Football Playoff. He was named offensive MVP of the Sugar Bowl, and after breaking the FBS record for most rushing yards in a championship game (246), he was named offensive MVP of that game too.

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J.J. Post

SI Kids Kid Reporter 2015 Pre-Season College Football Top 25

2015 college football top 25

Each August, college football fans await the release of the AP Poll, which ranks the top 25 college football teams in the country. That list will be out soon, maybe the next week or two. But why wait? Here’s my take on what the AP Poll could look like before the CFB season kicks off. Call it the JJ Poll!

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Maxwell Surprenant

Boston College Football Coach Inspires Kids to Be Leaders

Steve Addazio boston college football

On April 2, Boston College Head Football Coach Steve Addazio visited my school, St. Joseph Elementary School, in Needham, MA. His inspiring talk was part of SJS’s Leadership Speaker Series for fifth graders.

Coach Addazio spoke about football, of course. But before he got to sports he shared some important lessons he has learned in his life.

First, Addazio shared his motto: “Good things happen to good people who work hard.” He asked the audience to say it three times so that no one would forget it. 

He also remembered a homily he heard at a BC mass. He explained that it was about “going down and helping to pick somebody up.” 

He used that message to challenge students to think about what they could give of themselves. He encouraged everyone to do simple acts of kindness to make someone’s day better, like giving a nice compliment or leading a helping hand. 

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Ohio State Wins First College Football Playoff National Championship!

ohio state buckeyes national champions

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — Ohio State was done when Braxton Miller got hurt in August.

Ohio State was done when it lost at home to Virginia Tech in September.

Ohio State was done when J.T. Barrett got hurt in November.

A funny thing happened: Every time the Buckeyes looked done, they kept getting better. And in the new era of college football, that was enough to earn a chance to win a championship.

They took advantage of an opportunity they never would have had in the BCS, shrugging off questions about if they belonged among the college football's final four. Cardale Jones, Ezekiel Elliott and the Buckeyes won the first College Football Playoff national championship, upsetting Marcus Mariota and Oregon 42-20 on Monday night.

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Jake Aron

Cameras In Pylons Give Football Fans a New View

college football playoff national championship pylon camera

ESPN will have a new way to watch replays of controversial plays in and around the end zone at tonight’s College Football Playoff championship game.

A new technology uses cameras inside the pylons surrounding the end zone. There are four pylons in each end zone, and two cameras on each pylon. That means there are 16 different new angles.

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