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Sports Gamer Review: Wii Sports Resort

Finally. One of the greatest freebie pack-in games of all time gets a sequel. First impressions: Right from the elaborate opening cinema involving your Mii parachuting down to the resort island below, it's obvious that Nintendo has clearly pulled out all the stops here. The bare-bones original looks very undercooked when compared with the bells and whistles you'll find in Resort.
The good news: Resort features 12 mini-games. The bad news: Two of those games have been recycled from the original (Bowling and Golf).
The rest of the games are, to be perfectly honest, hit or miss. Sword Fighting is awesome. So is Wakeboarding. And Ping-Pong. (The Sports Gamer is terrible at Ping-Pong in real life, but in Wii Sports Resort, he is a master. Play him at your own risk.)
Duds include Canoeing and Cycling, both of which are very boring activities, unless you're actually on the water (canoeing) or going 50 miles-per-hour downhill (cycling).
The big draw here, of course, is the Wii Motion Plus attachment. Each copy of the game ships with one free attachment - the inch-long add-on for the Wii Remote that supposedly makes it more accurate. If you've been following my splog, then you know how I feel about Wii Motion Plus: It works, but the impact on how I game is not as dramatic as I'd hoped it would be (or as dramatic as Nintendo promised it would be).
And if you want to play multiplayer-face it, what other way is there to play Wii Sports Resort?-then you'll need to pick up multiple Wii Motion Plus attachments, which retail for $20 a pop.
Overall, despite my grousing, this remains one of the best mini-game compilations of the year, and it's one of the best Wii games of the year so far. Verdict: Recommended.
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