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Question of the Week: Who is Overrated?

I guess Dugout Dispatch readers really like insulting baseball players, because I got a ton of great answers to the latest Question of the Week:

Who is the most overrated player in baseball?

Read on for the best responses. And as always, if you want to appear in next week’s Question of the Week, you can answer it at the bottom of the page…

Ryan Howard, because he strikes out so often and he has not had a monster year like people have said he should have.

Grady Sizemore. He is fourth-to-last in batting average at .227, he is fifth in the league in caught stealing (7), and he is getting injured. Not quite the promising star he is supposed to be.
-BaseballAce623, Michigan

I think that the Yankees’ CC Sabathia is the Majors’ most overrated player. He got signed to a monster contract this offseason because he pitched 10 great games last year and he responds by producing mediocre ERA and WHIP. If it weren't for the Yankees’ power-packed lineup, he would probably have a losing record as well.
-Eric, North Carolina

I think Russell Martin is the most overrated player in the major leagues. Every year people say things like “He is the best catcher in the major leagues and he is a great hitter.” But finally, this year, he’s playing badly. He is hitting .260 and has two home runs. To me, this is not the best catcher in baseball when Joe Mauer is hitting almost .400 and has more than 15 home runs.
-John, California

I think the most overrated player is Manny Ramirez. He acts big and is a pain. Do the Dodgers need him? The answer is no.
-Calvin, New Jersey

The most overrated player in baseball is Alfonso Soriano. “Fonz” has had three straight seasons in which is homers have fallens. Age and injuries are maybe at fault, but he has never had a high on base percentage and swings at too many bad pitches.
-Andrew, Florida

No doubt about it, VERNON WELLS! The Blue Jays outfielder is so slow and sluggish, his inability to catch fly balls or hit at all with runners in scoring position disgusts me! He is so injury prone, yet Jays fans cheer him, idolize him, and buy a ton of Wells jerseys!
-CoachPointGuard, California

Derek Jeter is by far the most over-rated professional baseball player of our time. The guy may have some rings, but his defensive range is subpar, he has no power, and he is not ever a real threat to steal. And yet everybody talks about him like he is the best in the game. Give me a break. And give me Hanley Ramirez while you're at it, if you want a real star at shortstop.
-Joel, Pennsylvania

These are all great suggestions, but I’m going to go with Kevin Youkilis. I know he gets on base a lot and has a knack for getting walks, but I just don’t think that he is a superstar. Being on the Red Sox, he gets all the attention. But on any other team he’d be just another solid first baseman, but nothing special.
-The Brain

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the next Quetion of the Week! Now that we’ve covered the guys who get all the attention, how about the guys who don’t....

Who is the most underrated player in the majors?

Click on the question and the best responses will appear in next week’s Question of the Week! And, as always, for more great Blogs, just CLICK HERE!

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