Sarah Braunstein

Biking to the Stadium? Yankees Say No Way!

Every morning for the last two weeks, I have rolled out of bed, poured myself a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats, and turned on the Tour de France.

Watching so much amazing cycling made me want to go on a super awesome bike ride. And then I had a great idea: Why not ride my bike to Yankee Stadium?

I already had a ticket for tomorrow afternoon’s game to see my beloved Baltimore Orioles, so all I had to do was pump up my tires, put on my helmet and go! At least that’s what I thought…

Whenever I bike anywhere, I always check to make sure there is a safe place to park. First, I checked out the New York City Department of Transportation to find the closest bike rack to the stadium. The closest one is at the Bronx Supreme Court, about four blocks from the stadium.

I figured in a city with so many bikers, and with hundreds of miles of bike lanes, there had to be something closer. So I did what any adventurous biker would do and called the Yankees themselves.

The answer to all my questions was ‘NO.’ There are no bike racks at the stadium. There is no bike parking. They cannot offer indoor bike parking, even for reporters. There is no possibility of parking a bike at or in the stadium.

I saw my plan crumbling before my eyes, but I wanted to give the Yankees one last chance. Despite the fact that many stadiums offer bike racks, I thought maybe it wasn’t allowed in New York.

So I decided to check on the Bombers cross-town rivals, the Mets, to see how they deal with bikers. And this is what I found:

“Fans that wish to use their bicycle as a mode of transportation to Citi Field can utilize any of the 10 bicycle parking racks located on the outside of the ballpark.”

So, what have I learned? The New York Yankees are behind the times. The entire city of New York is going green and getting more and more bike friendly. Even the Mets have figured it out! The Yankees may be the most storied franchise in all sports, but when it comes to helping the environment, even in small ways, they are no champions.


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