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EA Studios: Dwight Howard vs. Venus Williams

EA Sports held a press event at their Vancouver studios Monday that had to be one of the strangest, most exciting events the Sports Gamer has ever attended. (And trust me, I’ve attended my fair share of strange, surreal events in my day.) They invited members of the media to change into our gym clothes, then head out to the EA practice fields for some one-on-one instruction time with the Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard, Venus Williams, Milan Lucic of the Boston Bruins, and FIFA star Sacha Kljestan.
Venus showed us how to serve. Milan showed us the nuances of hockey. Howard gave us basketball tips. And Sasha showed us the proper way to score a goal.
Watch video of the stars above and keep reading for pictures from the event!
After our time with each star, the four athletes got together for a very strange “King of the Court” competition. The idea was to challenge each athlete to compete in each other’s specialty sport. Venus kicked soccer balls. Howard slapped slapshots. Kljestan served tennis balls. And Lucic shot hoops.
EA kept score of each athlete’s performance, then awarded the trophy to-drumroll, please-Dwight Howard. The Magic superstar edged out the other three athletes by a mere one point. Howard, as usual, was his entertaining self, even giving a mock speech from the dais as he accepted his award. (He actually pulled a piece of paper from his pocket during the “ceremony,” which he claimed contained remarks he’d written beforehand.)
The Sports Gamer got the chance to spend extra time with both Venus and Howard, but you’ll have to check out Sports Illustrated Kids the magazine to see the whacky gaming questions I asked them both.
Afterwards, we all got the chance to play FIFA 10, NHL 10, NBA Live 10, and the upcoming PS3 and Xbox 360 version of Grand Slam Tennis.
Oh, and we got to eat some good sandwiches.
Super star athletes? The latest sports games? Good sandwiches? All told, not a bad way to spend a day, I tell you.


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