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Review: Pangya Fantasy Golf

Platform: PSP
Price: $29.99
In Stores: Now
Golf is sometimes so serious. With the game’s everybody-be-quiet attitude, slow pace, and dull fashions, the sport is in dire need of some flash and fire. Enter the world of Pangya. Note the words "Fantasy Golf" in the title. That's because this game takes place a very, very long way from the back nine at Bethpage Black.
The game's characters are all cute and colorful. You can even "hire" a polar bear as your caddy and use magic potions during play. (I did both.) If you're familiar with Hot Shots Golf, you'll feel right at home here. Use the D-pad to line up your shot. Select your club with the left and right triggers. Then start your swing with a click of the X button. Click it a second time to determine your power. And click it a third time to determine your accuracy. Nail the little, brightly colored zone during the accuracy click, and you'll pull off a miraculous Pangya shot.
There are three gameplay modes to choose from: Story, Tour, and Network. Playing in each mode earns "Pang," the game's version of money, which you can use to buy items for use in all modes.
Load times are a little lengthy. And Network play--even with two people--can be choppy. But there's a ton of content here. The Story mode alone will eat through about 20 hours of intense gameplay.
Overall, this is a rock-solid golf game for anyone looking for a break from all the more serious sims out there. Recommended.
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