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All You Need To Know About NCAA Football '10

Ah football season. Sure, we're still grilling and beaching, but soon enough, two-a-days will start, and our Saturday afternoons will be filled the sounds of marching bands, cheerleaders cheering, and the roar of 40,000 students.
And that means we'll be getting a new installment in EA's superb NCAA Football series.
Here's what you need to know about the upcoming game.
- Team Builder: One of our favorite features from early versions of the game was the Create-A-School mode. It's back this year--finally--in the newer, more sophisticated incarnation called Team Builder. And you can get started before the game even ships. Hop onto and start building your dynasty now. (The site went live on June 1.)
- Season Showdown mode: It's a four-month long competition allowing fans to battle one another in their quest to prove who's number one in the land. You can earn credits for your school by playing against online or against the game's A.I. opponents.
- Four new platform specific cover athletes: Michael Crabtree formerly of Texas Tech is on the 360 version; the PS3 has Utah's former QB Brian Johnson; the PSP version has USC's QB Mark Sanchez; and finally University of Texas defensive end Brian Orakpo will be on the PS2 cover of the game.
The game hits stores on July 14th. We've got a build of the game in the Sports Gamer office, so we'll be rolling up our sleeves and digging into it in the coming days. Stay tuned for updates.
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