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Question of the Week: Who's the Top Pitcher?

They say pitching wins championships. Well, apparently pitching also gets a ton of Question of the Week responses!

As always, if you want to appear in next week’s Question of the Week, you can answer it at the bottom of the page. Here are the best answers to last week’s question: 

Right now, who is the best pitcher in the majors?

This one's easy: It's Roy Halladay. I'm a Red Sox fan, but the amount of innings pitched and complete games he gets might not be equaled ever again. If he played with a playoff contender everyone would see how underrated he is.
-Ben, Massachusetts

“Zack Greinke. I don't think anyone still notices, but Greinke already has nine wins for the Royals. That's great considering he doesn't get very much run support.”
-BaseballAce623, Michigan

“Justin Verlander is the best pitcher in the Major Leagues right now. He gets better as the game goes on too. He still pitches 99 MPH late in the game.”
-Steven, Michigan

“I think that Roy Halladay is the best pitcher in the majors. The dude's an innings-eater who throws complete games on a regular basis. He's currently first in the majors in wins, seventh in ERA, fifth in strikeouts, and third in WHIP.
-Eric, North Carolina

“You could definitely put Johan Santana and CC Sabathia in the mix. Maybe Tim Lincecum, but he hasn't done enough in his short career. But my pick would be Roy Halladay. He's just as nasty in the ninth as he is in the first. He's also got great, filthy break on his pitches, making batters look silly.
-BaseballFreak89, USA

“Right now the majors’ best pitcher is Tim Lincecum. The little guy has the most unorthodox delivery, but he is a strikeout machine. He has three plus pitches and last year became the youngest Cy Young Award winner since Roger Clemens.
-Andrew, Florida

Wow, this is a tough one. I think I'd have to give the nod to Zack Grienke. Even though he hasn't been as dominant lately as he was early in the season, he still has the best ERA in the league (1.90), is fourth in the league in strikeouts (111), and is tied for third in the league in wins (9). My rankings could change later in the season, but for now, Zack Grienke is on top.
-Andrew, California

Since so many readers picked Halladay, I’ll go with Johan Santana. Santana has some brilliant numbers, but what I love about him is his passion. Santana battles, he makes hitters work, and he never wants to be taken out of a game.
-The Brain

Now on to this week’s question. Interleague play is just wrapping up. Every time I watch the AL and NL face-off I ask myself the same question. Now I’m asking you:

Do you like the designated hitter rule or would you like to see the pitchers in both leagues hit?


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