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Favre in Purple isn't Right!

Many people don't want Brett Favre to play for the Minnesota Vikings next season because he already announced his retirement (twice!), and the Vikings used to be his rivals when he was leading the Packers.

Of course, anyone making those arguments is WRONG.

Football is a bottom line business, and the bottom line is winning. Every year, loyal players, players who have given everything to a franchise, get booted to the street in favor of younger, cheaper players. So while loyalty to a franchise is nice, I have no problem with anyone in the NFL looking for greener pastures. If Favre really wants to come back for the Purple People Eaters, he can be my guest.

This is my problem with Brett Favre's latest thoughts of unretirement: He's not good anymore.

In his prime, Favre was one of the all-time greats. But he was a flat-out mess in the second half of 2009. His decisions were especially poor. His passes sailed. His fastball seemed to lose some heat. He'll turn 40 in October and, according to reports, he recently had shoulder surgery. When you add it all up, Favre is no longer a franchise quarterback.

Now, are Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels the equivalent of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning? Of course not. But neither is Favre. If he comes back, I'm not sure he's going to be good enough to beat out Jackson and Rosenfels this August.

If I'm the Vikes, I'm sticking with what I have. If you were running the Vikings, what would you do? Click HERE to share your answer, and I'll publish the best ones!

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