Scott Jones

E3 2009: Gentlemen! Start! Your! Engines!

Right now, even as you read this, hundreds of flat screen HDTVs—each one practically the size of a squash court—are being wired up inside the glass and steel monolith known as the Los Angeles Convention Center in downtown L.A. (Which is, mind you, only half a block away from the Staples Center, where the Lakers will continue their playoff run. Perhaps the Sports Gamer will enjoy a Kobe sighting or two next week. Wouldn't that be nice?)
I'll be at the Electronic Entertainment Expo—a.k.a. E3—starting Monday June 1 for what promises to be a return-to-form for the show. 
Instead of shrinking the show as they have in the previous two years, this year promises to be a return to the bombastic, over-produced good old days. That means lights, loud music, and eye-searing plasma screens in every direction. From start to finish, I'll be scouring the showfloor, for all the latest, greatest sports video-game-related news. I've got an interview with Tony Hawk lined up, so we'll see what's new with him. And I've got a nice, leisurely tour of the EA booth (usually the largest booth on the showfloor) planned, as well as some time to check out the latest sports games from our friends at 2K Sports.
I'll also troll Kentia Hall, the basement of the convention center, where some of the most interesting sports-related peripherals are usually tucked away.
All this is to say, stay tuned. I should have tons of news on all the games, gadgets, and gear you're going to want between now and the holiday season.
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