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Question of the Week: What to do About Papi?

Ahhh, Thursday. To some, it’s just the day before the weekend. But here at, it means just one thing: Question of the Week!

First, the responses to last week’s question: Boston Red Sox DH David Ortiz is in a serious slump. Put yourself in the shoes of Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein. What do you do about David Ortiz?

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TRADE HIM! There are at least ten teams that would take a chance on him.
-Go Lakers, Nebraska

I would do what the Montreal Canadiens did with Alex Kovalev. On the team's next road trip, leave Ortiz in Boston to get some extra one-on-one training with a coach. I think it would help for him to get out of the pressure of the games and get back to the basics.
-A Reader from Canada

If I were Theo Epstein, I'd send David Ortiz to the minors. Just a couple of weeks to get his bat going might help. He's a great hitter so it shouldn't take him long. If it doesn't work, I'd try to trade him to see what I can get for him.
-Andrew from Florida

I would do what the Yankees did with Chien-Ming Wang, I would send Ortiz to either a private facility or Triple-A ball to improve his mechanics and get his swagger back. We are talking about the guy who hit 35 home runs with a .335 average two years ago.
-Becky from North Carolina

We need to give him a little longer. Besides, he just hit a two-run homer against the Blue Jays! That should get him going now. I say go Papi!
-Jillian from Massachusetts

I would move David Ortiz to a different spot in the lineup. He's not hitting well where he is, so it’s possible he might be able to break out later in the lineup. Sometimes it can be good to have power later on.
-Andrew from California

This whole situation reminds me of a guy you might remember by the name of Andruw Jones. He lost his touch very quickly, and if I am the Red Sox manager, I would treat Ortiz with as much caution as I can afford to take. Bench him once or twice, put him in as a pinch hitter, and if he can't produce by the end of June, I'm looking for a trade.
-Joel from Pennsylvania

Since I posted the question, Ortiz did hit his first (and still only) home run of the season. But he’s been benched, he’s been dropped in the lineup, and he’s gotten the support of his manager and his team, but nothing seems to work. The Red Sox are in no position to wait around for him. They should cut him from the team and he should agree to fulfill the remainder of his contract as the team’s assistant hitting coach.
-The Brain

This week’s question: The latest All-Star voting results show that Manny Ramirez is currently in fourth place among National League outfielders. His suspension ends on July 3, so he would be back in time for the game. There is also no MLB rule that states he cannot play if he gets the votes. Do you think Manny Ramirez should still be eligible to play in the All-Star game?

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