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The Stinky Five

The Stinky Five usually appears on Mondays, but Memorial Day has pushed everything back. All that means is that some teams got one extra day to prove their absolute and total stinkiness. And boy did they.

I saw a game last week in New York and one in Los Angeles, and no matter where I was, the stench from these five teams followed. Want to know which ones made the cut? Click MORE to find out…

1. Toronto Blue Jays
More like the “Boo Jays.” Toronto is riding a seven-game losing streak and has bid farewell to first place in the AL East. For the first month and a half of the season the Jays hitters were on fire, but they have seriously cooled off. They’ve scored just 10 runs in their last six games, giving their pitchers almost no run support. And they’ve lost their last six division games, proving that they can’t stand up to the toughest competition.

2. Chicago Cubs
Finally, after weeks of being almost stinky, the Cubs make the cut. And this time they might just be the stinkiest of all. The Cubs have lost their last eight games, and in the past week have posted the worst team batting average in the majors (.179). Until Monday, they hadn’t scored more than two runs in a game since May 17 and they are now below .500 for the first time this season.

3. Houston Astros
Not to be outdone by their division rivals in Chicago, the ’Stros are proving that they are as stinky as ever. This past week Houston went 1-6 thanks in large part to their pitching staff, which allowed 37 runs in those games. Still, all this losing has been a team effort. Houston has scored just 24 runs in the past week, thanks to their .237 batting average with runners in scoring position.

4. Kansas City Royals
It seems like only yesterday that the Royals were destined for the Fiery Five. But alas, all good things must come to an end. Since last Tuesday, the Royals have scored the fourth-fewest runs, have hit just two home runs, and have posted a 6.20 ERA. They’re doing whatever they can to lose, and it’s working: The Royals haven’t won more than two games in a row since their six-game win streak ended on May 7.

5. Colorado Rockies
The Rockies have done little that isn’t stinky since the 2009 season started, and the fact that the Dodgers scored 16 runs on them yesterday just adds to the stench. The team’s ERA is the fourth-highest in the National League, and somehow they are incapable of taking advantage of their hitter friendly park: They’ve won just seven times in 18 games at home.

Did I get the Stinky Five exactly right? Or do you think I missed a really stink-tastic team? Click EMAIL THE EDITOR and let me know!

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