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Fantasy Fix: Replacing Manny

Let's face it: There's no way Dodgers CF Juan Pierre ($4,100,000) will effectively replace Manny Ramirez. But so far, he's doing his darndest. Pierre has 80 at-bats this season (he was a back-up until Ramirez got suspended), but Pierre is hitting .400 with 18 runs and seven steals in those games.

Can he keep it up? Certainly not at that pace. Pierre is capable of hitting in low .300s when he's going good, and he has the speed to steal three or four bases per week. But the dude has no power (13 homers in nine full seasons) and doesn't draw a lot of walks.

He's an okay value for that price, but if you're expecting him to save your team by hitting .400 until Manny returns in July, you're going to be disappointed.

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I was pretty excited about Phillies LF Raul Ibanez ($7,500,000) coming into this season. He was a very good player flying under the radar in Seattle. But this season, he's playing like a true All-Star. Why? Unlike in Seattle, he's part of a potent lineup, surrounded by many dangerous bats. And, unlike in Seattle, he now gets to play his home games in a hitter-friendly park, Philly's Citizens Bank Park. Ibanez continued to tear it up last week, hitting .481 with four homers and 12 RBIs. On the season, he has an MVP-like stat line of .350 with 13 homers and 36 RBIs in 37 games. So please give Raul a big round of applause as we award him the highest honor in professional sports, the Wizzy of the Week Award.



Sheesh. How many times can a guy disappoint you? The fantasy world keeps on waiting for Diamondbacks CF Chris Young ($7,000,000) to have his breakout season. He has speed. He has power. But he can't seem to make contact enough to get on base. He's hitting just .177 on the season, and last week he checked in with a 1-for-15 week with 0 walks. That's an .067 on-base percentage, if you're scoring at home. So please give Chris no applause as we give him the lowest honor in professional sports, the Smelly Human Being of the Week Award.



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