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Madden is Back! First Screens and Videos

The motto for this year's Madden: "Fight for every yard." And everything about Madden 2010, right down to the dueling cover athletes, is designed to embrace that motto. That's right, I said "dueling cover athletes." The Cardinals' Larry Fitzgerald and the Steelers' Troy Polamalu, in case you haven't heard, split the box cover this year, looking like two rampaging monsters in an old Godzilla movie poster.
As usual, Madden looks to be on track to be nothing short of spectacular. EA is calling this year's version "the most customizable Madden yet," but how that impacts gameplay remains to be seen. EA has also tweaked the game's presentation, making it tougher than ever this year to tell the difference between Madden and a live TV broadcast of an NFL game.
Click the video player above to see the game in action and keep reading for the first screens of the new game!
First Impressions: I like the new attention to detail. Watch as refs step in to peel players off a pile after a play. That's nice. Give some of the credit to the new Pro-Tak animation technology. Pro-Tak sounds complicated, but it's really just a fancy way of saying that the game gives you even more control over what's happening on the field. In other words, instead of the game lapsing into computer-run animations at certain junctures during gameplay (as the game has in previous version), you remain in control from the start to the finish of each play. Defender got your wide receiver wrapped up in the open field? Don't put the controller down just yet. Keep playing, keeping fighting, go for that extra yard, and you just might drag the defender right into the endzone.
We've still got a few months to go before the game ships in August, so EA Tiburon, the game's Florida-based developer, still has plenty of time to iron out any rough spots. For now, feast your eyes on these news screenshots and let yourself get just a little bit excited about the game.
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