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Fantasy Fix: Let's Play Ball!

It was a long journey, and I'd like to thank ALL OF YOU (except for Lou Piniella) for being so patient as we start the all-new Fantasy Baseball. I did some calculations over the weekend, and it turns out that the new fantasy baseball is 1,000,000,000 percent better than the old fantasy baseball.

I'll say this: If you're not playing the all-new Fantasy Baseball, you're nuts. (And if you haven't done your free registration for yet, you are completely insane!)

Read on for instructions on sending questions to the mailbag, and joining the new WOW League where you can take on The Wiz, Sarah "The Brain" Braunstein, or Duane from New Jersey!

Now, of course, the new game will take some getting used to. And you might run into some minor problems getting your lineup together. If you are having technical problems, feel free to email me. But please include your ID, your email, your league name, and if it's a private league, your league password! We'll get to as many problems as we can.

But now, onto the good stuff... 



I know you basketball guys have been missing it, and I apologize that the launch of the new site ate up all of my mailbag time. But now that we're underway with baseball, I'll be opening up the ol' baseball mailbag this Friday! Just send your questions through the "E-mail the Editor" link at the bottom of the page. In the meantime, all the offensive player rankings are out. Check 'em out in my Fantasy Fix Splog! Starting and relief pitchers are coming later this week.



It's your chance to take on The Wiz, baseball expert Sarah "The Brain" Braunstein, or local fantasy celebrity Duane from New Jersey (aka the Ballroom Dancing Wizard). The WOW League (stands for "Winning Over Wizards," if you're new here) is going to work differently on the new site though. The Wiz, The Brain, and DNJ will all have their own individual leagues. At the All-Star break, we'll take the top four teams from each group to compete in the Super WOW League! There are only 23 slots available in each league, so sign up now. Spots will fill up quickly! If you're already in a league, you'll need a different username to sign up for the WOW League. Here's the league info for each division (To join, select "Join Private Leage" on the "Pick League" page during registration, then enter the League Name and Password of the WOW League you'd like to join)...

League name:
The W.o.W.-e Invitational: Group A: (The Wiz)
Password: wiz

League name:
The W.o.W.-e Invitational: Group B: (The Brain)
Password: orioles09

League name:
The W.o.W.-e Invitational: Group C: (The BDW)
Password: BDW



Just a quick heads up if you're looking for a league: one called San Diego Super Padres is looking for some new members. They're willing to take on fans of any team -- Dodgers, Giants, Padres, you name it! So if you're looking for some friendly rivals, join up with them!

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