Scott Jones

Sports Gamer's Favorite Boxing Game of All Time Available Today for 800 Wii Points

Ah yes, today's a good day to be the Sports Gamer. Hard to believe Nintendo hasn't created a new Punch-Out!! in almost 15 years. The last, and arguably the best, Punch-Out!! ever - Super Punch-Out!! - for the Super Nintendo is available today for download via the Wii's Virtual Console. You'll need an Internet connection and your mom/dad's credit card to get the game.



From Mad Clown to Canadian Bear Hugger, Super Punch-Out!! features the nuttiest roster of virtual pugilists ever. And figuring out how to defeat each one - watch their patterns, counter-punch, stick and move - is terrific fun.
And once the game is over, once you've conquered the game's four circuits and defeated the dreaded Bruiser Brothers, there's still plenty to do. The game records your quickest knockouts (hearing the little "New Record!" jingle play after a fight is one of gaming's greatest pleasures).
With an all new Punch-Out!! due out in May, Super Punch-Out!! is the perfect way to get yourself in the Punch-Out!! spirit.
Here are two more screen grabs from the classic...
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