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Fantasy Baseball Will Start Wednesday!

I know, I know. We said that Fantasy Baseball would be ready to go today. But it's not. Instead, the new and improved Fantasy Baseball will start Wednesday! And frankly, our loyal readers deserve to know the truth behind the one-day delay.

It all started when Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella came barging into the offices...

He couldn't wait to assemble a pitching staff of Carlos Zambrano, Rich Harden, and Ryan Dempster, take on his friends in weekly head-to-head matchups, and watch custom-made highlights from his fantasy team on our all-new Game Viewer. He wanted to come here and shake hands with Team SI KIDS, fully aniticipating the awesomeness to come.

But something went wrong. You see, Lou asked yours truly, The Wiz, who he should take at first base. Naturally, I told him to take Cardinals superstar Albert Pujols.

Well, Sweet Lou didn't want to hear me pumping up one of his rivals. So he started yelling, louder and louder and louder. And soon he was yelling so loud, that all the computers here shattered!

So I was all like, "Thanks a lot 2008 National League Manager of the Year Lou Piniella. Now we have to wait even longer for fantasy baseball. It won't launch until Wednesday now!"

Of course, that just made Lou yell even louder. It was not cool. Boston Celtics superstar Paul Pierce had actually stopped by the office for a visit and to check out the new website. The whole ordeal was very upsetting to him.

But the whole point to this story is: Fantasy Baseball won't start Tuesday March 24th. It will start Wednesday, March 25!

Oh, and parts of this story may not be true.

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