SI Kids RADIO: NFL Week 1

Paul Ulane

SI Kids RADIO: NFL Week 1 26

From Aaron Rodgers on Thursday to Tom Brady on Monday (plus everything between) we break down the biggest stories from Week 1 of the NFL season!

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Nickname: Michael Vick, the Fumble Bee, 'cause he's fast and he can sting you real good, but he had some costly fumbles last night against the Falcons.

any1 here like socceer im here in america to see the EPL, MLS, LA LIGA. any1 with me???????

i am in america too and i like soccer to but do u live here cause u said i am in america which makes me think ur not from hear

love this songs


Say it loud i'm a buck and i'm proud

I love the broncos !!!!!

Go Bears !!!


that is pretty funny keep it up guys! im also a good football and baseball player.and im also awesome! go brewers! go pack!

O-H-I-O let's go bucks... no matter how much they messed up, they are still my team!!!

Say it loud i'm a buck and i am proud

they stink ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hold on...............................................................ha ha ha ha ha ha aha hahahahahahahahahah

hope my uncle has a good year this year... go raiders!!! good win over the broncos!

Sorry but I love the Broncos!!! B-R-O-N-C-O-S!!!

roll tide roll cause they are the best

Newton had a good game.

TEXANS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But they lost to the Browns hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah


Your rithgt want to be best friend

Heroes: Chad Henne, Mike Tolbert, Kenny Britt
Zeros: Chad Ochocinco, Donovan McNabb, All Pittsburg Steelers

go seahawks

they stink


cant wait to see Vick play!

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