SI Kids RADIO: NFL Countdown to Kickoff (Teams 16 - 9)

Paul Ulane

SI Kids RADIO: NFL Countdown to Kickoff (Teams 16 - 9) 53

We're on to the third installment of our team-by-team NFL season preview. This week: teams 16 - 9!

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the sweet 16 is the finial 16 teams that r games in postseason

gators are awesomee

Ravens r the team to 2 beat this year cowboy fans

Dude the colts rock but i got to hand it too u the colts aint doing so well cause of manning getting his neck surgey now we got collie as are quarterback

no the colts r da the awsome go colts

all of you guys are talking about the cowboys well do any of you care about the lions they have calvin johnson ndomukong suh

cowboys r the team to beat this year

No you didn,t

When you guys started this series... I was almost sure I was gonna hate where you put the Colts. But, to be honest, it was pretty realistic. Peyton Manning probably won't be here for week 1, but even if he is I doubt we would win considering his condition. Kerry Collins will be alright, good enough to get a win against the Browns in week 2 (if Peyton goes without playing for 2 weeks). I think the Colts should have foreseen this and not have opt to go for Castonzo to protect a quarterback that might not even be there, and instead get Mark Ingram so our running game could pick up Manning's play (he's still old even without an injury). Anyway once Peyton Manning is in full swing we should be able to get things together, but with games against the Steelers, Patriots, Ravens, Saints, and Falcons, we might just be fighting for a wild card spot than the AFC South title.



alright colts lets beat some raven butt

ya ravens u gon down 2 the ground go colts

ya ravens u gon down 2 the ground go colts

i love basketball

have u started school????

how bout them giants

change that to how bout the bulldogs

yoyoyo what about chicago huh everbody is on dallas or dolphins come poeple get with the program :) :) :) :)

i agree

hey i like talkin to ppl so if ur on then reply lolz


wazz up ?

whats youre name

GO COLTS !!!!!!!!!!

go colts go colts u rock colts!

good job colts fan I am a Colts fan.

GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Wiz, just following up on our little discussion... You said the only way Washington goes 8-8 is if we get a pro-bowl season out of Beck. Well based on last night, Beck won't be starting. I wouldn't expect a pro-bowl season out of him anyway, but I did some number crunching on Rex Grossman and the results just might surprise you. In three starts last season (@ Jaguars, @ Cowboys, v. Giants), Grossman threw for 884 yards and 7 TD's. That averages out to 294.6 YPG and 2.3 TD's per game, which adds up to 4714 passing yards and 37 TD's. That sounds pro-bowl worthy to me. I realize that in those games we were unable to run the ball at all and HAD to throw the ball a ton, so his numbers inevitably jumped from what they would be under normal conditions. But this year we have a running game, and our O-line is much improved, so I can't help but expect a solid season at QB from Rex.

cowboys are a joke tony romos washed up. the colts are nothing w/out manning

what dallas come on

dallas stinks chicago rocks u kwon it

yoyoyo wat is u world yal better listen u because i'm goldhero54 and i got somthing tight to say hoolalooyar!!!!!!!!!!!

haha nice

Hey People im a new Mascot to this website and my MASCOT IS SO TUFF AND HARD U WONT BELIEVE IT! Get back with me Im Out!

Go Seahawks!!!!!!!!!!!!


it is garte

how about cowboys!!!

im a new maskot

man i like green bay packers and Dallas cowboys

i love sikids this is what i go on every day is like 10 times better but yah sikids is pretty fun

so nice


The ravens are going to kill the steelers!!! ray lewis 2 sacks ray rice 150 yards the final score is going to be 42-12. eat that all them steeler fans

you are very cool do u know that txt back =D

ravens are good But NOT AS GOOD AS THE REDSKINS

how bout them giants bree

Ravens gonna get whooped by the Steelers on the 11th

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