SI Kids RADIO: NFL Countdown to Kickoff (Teams 32 - 25)

Paul Ulane

SI Kids RADIO: NFL Countdown to Kickoff (Teams 32 - 25) 45

Our 32-team preview is here! The Wiz and I will rank each team in the league from worst to first. This episode: teams 32-25.

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if people want to now who i am i'm 100 percent TOMBOY


Does any body like the seahawks. They have Golden Tate.

i love the seahwks they're awesome. Especially that run in the plyoffs again st the siant it made the saints look like 1 year olds

i like the seahawks.....

i think the herd with colin cowherd is better

this radio is awesome!!!!!!!!!

its amazing i love to listen to it



who would win ravens or saints i say saints

The Ravens just won the Super Bowl

who would win ravens or saints as always i say saints

how will win ravens or jets i say ravens

I am utterly disgusted with you putting my Redskins at thirtieth. I'm not saying they're going to the Super Bowl, but really. In the first place, we don't know that Grossman is the backup yet- its an open competition and I believe he will win that job. In the second place, have you even SEEN the way Hightower has been playing so far this preseason? Not to mention the rookie Helu, who has also been very productive. Thirdly, our receiving corps aren't great, but they're not THAT bad. Armstrong is solid, and Moss is the most underrated wideout in the league. He had 93 catches last season, and over 70% went for first downs- a higher percentage than Larry Fitzgerald and DeSean Jackson among others. Fourthly, I'd just like to point out that Trent Williams has been doing a fantastic job. He plays in arguably the best pass-rushing division in the league and he played some very solid football. I'd also like to point out that he was healthy for more games than Okung last year... And what in the world are you doing bashing our secondary? DeAngelo Hall is a ball magnet, we have the best safety tandem in the league in OJ Atogwe and LaRon Landry, and while the other corner spot is up for grabs right now we will be better than last season, period. 8-8 is not unrealistic.

I'm a Redskins fan too.

wow dude, u a HARDCORE skins fan if u know that much. I have two words for you, GO COWBOYS! Teehee. (but hey you are right about what you said)

Ah, AthleteArtist, glad to see you back. I have to agree with both of you on this one. Rex Grossman is rated second in passing yards this offseason, and Roy Helu and Tim Hightower make 4th and 5th in rushing yards. However, I'm agreeing with The Wiz on defense, Trent Williams hasn't done well. LaRon Landry might not play as well with his injury from last season, and OJ is slowly declining. I don't think they will go 8-8, but I'm not going to be surprised if they do.

I don't know, AA. Would 8-8 shock me? Well, yes, it would. The only way they go 8-8 is if they get a Pro Bowl-type of season out of John Beck. I like Beck more than most, but I think he's an average NFL quarterback on his best days. As for Trent Williams, way too early to call him a bust, and he played through an ankle injury for most of last year. But he graded out as the 65th-best offensive tackle out of the 78 who played at least 25% of their teams' snaps last year. In other words, not what you want out of a top 5 pick (Okung was 31st). And DeAngelo Hall can make some big plays, but boy does he get burned often. He gave up more receiving yards (1,065) and more TD catches (9) then any defensive back in the NFL last year. In fact, the 1,065 yards he allowed was the most since 1999!

moss is so good and my favorite player. rex grossman can do good and their oc like john beck a lot. alos armstrong is good and their d and oline has improved in the past 2 or 3 yrs. 8-8 could definately be their record. helu ran very good against the colts deangelo hall is good too he had 4 int in a game last yr.

this is so cool

awsome man!


Eagles stink. go cowboys


how are the bills better than the skinz has anyone been paying attention to grossmans 19 of 26 for 207, becks 14 for 17 140 yds, roy helu and hightower combined for nearly 200 rush yds against the colts hail to the skinz

i like the team

32.cin-no talent whatsoever,inexperienced qb who will never be a good player 0-16(even buffalo could blow them out)

31.den-if the qb issue is settled in time for the season, maybe hopes for 2 more wins(3-13)

30.buff-merriman needs to stay healthy,trade spiller for an offensive lineman, the last good rb buffalo had was thurman thomas and oj simpson...dont think spillers in their class(2-14 but a better upside then denver) newton can prove that he is a good qb they could add on a win or two i for one wasnt impressed by his week one preseason performance(3-13)

28.sea- maybe the worst team in the nfl there starting qb is tarvaris jackson he wouldnt even start at the best high school team maybe he should take up tennis he is good at running(3-13)

27.wash- grossman needs to star with moss and hightower/torrain combo for my skinz to exceed(3-13)they better get a better dline,oline, and blockers or vick is gonna tackle them again

26.jack- they do always seem to win some clutch games and with a rb like jones drew this team is bound to win at least 4 games(4-12)

25.tenn-johnson is a good rb but has only had 1 great season and 1 good season he needs to rush for 12 td and 16,000 yds to impress me...oh, and to help his team win at least 1 game(2-14, but a very good upside and maybe 3 or 4 wins this season)

if not dishin them but when your starting qb is tavaris jackson, youre in trouble

Y does everyone always have to be discing the seahawks???? If ur a seahawk fan and don't like ur team being disced give me a holler





@soccerstar488 we care because?

Im new i got a account 1 day ago

thank you so much for my points.

best team i love the colors and cool

This is the best song ever.

Who would win Redsox or Yankees??

go lions!

i love that team



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