SI Kids RADIO: NFL Free Agency 2011

Paul Ulane

SI Kids RADIO: NFL Free Agency 2011 64

The NFL is back and so is the podcast! The Wiz and the Professor crown the winners and the losers of the craziest free agency period in NFL history!

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i hate the eagles

sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool sweet game.

How do think the Browns are gonna do this year? They won against the Green Bay Packers with their new coach. Please reply.

i think the browns will definetly have between 2 and 5 wins. watch for them to be good again if they get a pretty good qb and good lineman. i think they will be one of the good up and coming teams within 5 or 6 yrs. if they can keep a developing peyton hillis and get some other key players they could be a playoff team by 2018.

bears all the way
they are the monsters of the midway

go bears go bears go bears go bears go bears go bears go bears go bears go bears go bears !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hester will come back on a hot streak this year!!!!!!!


hope Steve Smith stays with the panthers

I say the Patriots Can beat all of them.

You are sooooo WRONG!!!!!!!

i say eagles are gonna beast the patriots and everyone else

i hope matthew stafford does not get injured this year

22 is asante samuel and 28 is mark ingram

wellllll dats tihgt

the patriots rule

No!!! I like Giants!

no stealers rule patriots stink badly

Yeah they do, stinks that Randy Moss Retired.

In the truth of all of this crazyness Eagles come out on top

Why is everyone think Giants rivals are going to beat everyone?


I say go ravens cause thair cool

Boy the steelers have the best dfense u could ask 4 ravens stink next 2 steelers. steelers vs ravens score will be 13 27 steelers win

that was gr8

everyone says preseason games dont count i have been paying more attention to them to see who is going to be good or bad cuz of the lockout. if anyone watched the bills game, merriman had 2 sacks in a row and 3 sacks total in 1 quarter. grossman of the skinz threw for over 200 yds in the half that he played

who karis

I Do

who nos

I'm a Vikings fan and Seahawks fans beware: You will not be happy with Tavaris Jackson. He isn't a player who will lead you to the playoffs.

as much as i like the Seahawks your right, whoever they get always gets injured or doesn't play well, it like a Seattle curse or something, like Matt at Seattle got injured and then he goes to Tennessee and he play better then at Seattle.

Who will win cowboys or 49ers?



I say 49ers

i duno. 49ers????

go ravens

The lockout ended


22 is L.McCoy and 28 is R.Bush

Its actually Asantae Sammuel and Mark Ingram.

no 22 is that conerback asante samual......... and thats mark ingram

I think its either LeSean McCoy and Reggie Bush

who is number 22



The NFC West is pathetic. Last year, Seattle became the first team to make the playoffs under .500 (7-9).

I Agree!

If you guys are talking about the Eagles and the Broncos I like Eagles more. :-)

hey eagles do'nt mess with me i am an broncos fan