SI Kids RADIO: 2011 Final Four

Paul Ulane

SI Kids RADIO: 2011 Final Four 319

We make our predictions for what will happen at the Final Four between UConn, Kentucky, Butler and VCU!

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nice voice!

I hope UCONN wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't hope uconn will win.Uconn will win it.

VCU beats Butler
Kentucky beats UConn
Kentucky beats VCU
Kentucky wins it ALL!!!

I think VCU will dominate Butler. Kentucky will wipe the floor in UConn, and go on the National Title game. In a close game thou i think Kentucky will win the tournamet.

I hope VCU beats Butler. And i hope Kentucky dominates UConn. My prodiction is that Kentucky will WIN IT ALL!!!!

No way

hope not

Go Virginia Commonwealth
I told you vcu would beat kansas didnt i!
now they will beat butler and face off against uconn
but will fall to 3 uconn in the title game
but watch out this one will be on upset watch thrue ou the whole game they may even pull it off!

uconn is goin to beat vcu in the championship

virginia commonwealth is not a stupid name

What kind of name is Virginia Commonwealth. A stupid one.

VCU's goin all the way baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VCU's goin all the way baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I predict Kentucky crushes UCONN, and butler beats VCU, because Butler has the experience. Butler will go all the way!

My brother used my name to post that comment about "virginia commonwealth". >: (

So you think UCONN would lose to Butler!!!!!!!!

I agree

Yeah, right

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