SI Kids RADIO: 2011 Final Four

Paul Ulane

SI Kids RADIO: 2011 Final Four 319

We make our predictions for what will happen at the Final Four between UConn, Kentucky, Butler and VCU!

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what the

hi im bored

hi i'm really board!!!

Le`Bron James was My Idol until he quit the Cav

dont feel bad because your not the only one and plus hes still a good player

lebron still the best

same with me i got his jersery right before he went to miami


Butler stinks.

Butler will make the final game but get beat by Kentucky

Butler stinks. Kentucky all the way!

im with u because butler does stink

Butler will crush VCU
UCONN will beat UK
UCONN will win it all.

That is right

vcu will crush butler.uconn will smash uk.and uconn will win it all


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what up

First vcu will win in a close one then Kemba''Mr. clutch ''Walker will drop 40 and Uconn win big against kentucky.Finally in the national championship once again Kemba dominates against an undersized vcu team and Uconn will cut down the nets in houston.

yeah!!!!!! VCU will kill butler and inthe final four and the championship kemba will Kembined for at least 90

i think so to.he may not put up 40 but uconn will win the national championship

i think so to.he may not put up 40 but uconn will win the national championship

Here's how I think the final four is going to do
Butler crushesVCU
Kemba Walker wipes the floor with Kentucky
Butler beats Uconn with a buzzer beater.

you are wrong uconn is going to win it all

no you are worng

butler wins

Butler should win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



you are wrong uconns going to win it all

Arizona rules

no they dont ohio state rules

they are cheateers and they cheat

VCU's on too much of a roll to drop now. My predictions: VCU 78, Butler 70; UConn continues their magic as Kemba drops 38 on UK. UConn 87, UK 74.
In a close national title game, it's Hernandez and Burgess against Walker, and the VCU juggernaut keeps on rollin'. VCU 79, UK 73.


@piontgaurdbasketball: yo there?


two days after yes

yea watz up

my brother has used my name again to say stuff about "VCU". dont listen 2 him.

VCU will Dominate a Stuned Butler team And Will Win
Uconn Will go into over time against Kentucky and Kemba Walker will take the game winning shot down by 1 and
will miss the game winning shot and be fouled Uconn will have 2 shots and make the 1st one they then will make the
2nd shot too go up by one with 4.5 seconds left in the game
kentucky will drive down the court and drop a 2 point shot
to win the game 90-89.
in the title game VCU will beat Uconn with a mid court shot
to win the game 70-69.

vcu is going to win i feel that vcu is going to win ok ok..1.2.3 Go Team!

butler is going to win

i think VCU will win it all

uconn is goin to win it all


VCU beats Butler
Kentucky beats UConn
Kentucky beats VCU
Kentucky wins it ALL!!!

UConn will win the championship!

kentucky will lose to uconn thats going to be a blowouttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

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