SI Kids RADIO: NFL Wild Card Weekend

Paul Ulane

SI Kids RADIO: NFL Wild Card Weekend 73

We break down each Wild Card weekend match-up and then pick winners!

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Good work, it's pleasure to read your articles. Waiting for more
platne typy

Good work, it's pleasure to read your articles. Waiting for more

miami is going be be rank 1

I completely agree with all those, great post, for those of you who think it's wrong, maybe you should check the stats.


whats good

i know that batman ands joker arent the point but does any one know alot about theme


did yu guys see the saints game on saturday.

Marshawn Lynch broke a big run

yes i watched it it was epic


can you believe that the saints lost by the sehawks and are out of the playoffs.Please reply back.

the jets will go down aginst the patrots

yeah dude it is spelled PATRIOTS.

you spelled patriots wrong man COME ON!!!!!!!!

did anyone see the Saints game? Surprising hu

The best 10 quarterbacks this year were
1. Phillip Rivers
2. Tom Brady
3. Peyton Manning
4. Drew Brees
5. Aaron Rodgers
6. Matt Schaub
7. Eli Manning
8. Michael Vick
9. Matt Ryan
10. Carson Palmer
running backs
1. Arian Foster
2. Jamaal Charles
3. LeSean McCoy
4. Ray Rice
5. Darren McFadden
6. Peyton Hillis
7. Adrian Peterson
8. Matt Forte
9. Maurice Jones-Drew
10. Chris Johnson
wide receivers
1.Brandon Lloyd
2.Roddy White
3.Reggie Wayne
4.Greg Jennings
5.Mike Wallace
6.Andre Johnson
7.Dwayne Bowe
8.Larry Fitzgerald
9.Santana Moss
10.Calvin Johnson
tight ends
1.Jason Witten
2.Vernon Davis
3.Chris Cooley
4.Antonio Gates
5.Benjamin Watson
6.Kelen Wilson
7.Brandon Pettigrew
8.Marcedes Lewis
9.Zach Miller
10.Dustin Keller

BusterBaseball21 your QB's are horrible, BaseballTeam47 doesn't follow the NFL or he doesn't know really how good these players are, and AthleteArtist doesn't know how good the QB's and RB's are and doesn't know what the ratings are that make players good!

Athleteartist is the won who has bologna QB's, he just did the most popular instead of best at QB stats!!!!!!

stats aren't everything. Unless these are fantasy rankings, these rankings just don't reflect who had the best years.

if you look at the important stats closely and calculate them it IS RIGHT people responding SO STOP RESPONDING POORLY ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TE's, WR's are about right, but RB's are a little iffy, and the QB list was just plain bologna.

No way. For QBs it should be
1. Tom Brady
2. Michael Vick
3. Matt Ryan
4. Aaron Rodgers
5. Phillip Rivers
6. Drew Brees
7. Eli Manning
8. Joe Flacco
9. Ben Roethlisberger
10. Jay Cutler

that is so wrong! what do you know about football?

So far, all of their picks are WRONG, starting their playoff predictions with an 0-2 record. My advice? Don't listen to em' for picks.

You probably missed some picks so dont even think about football anymore cause you were wrong a couple times. You would say that is absurd! But that is like what you said.

i agree. Dude if you dont like it dont listen and comment and try to bring us down.

FootballAce704 is right. Give them a break, NOBODY could have guessed the Seahawks would win, unless they were Seahawks fans. And the Jets won on the last second, so I have to give them credit.

Hey BAseballChampion305, Is this your first week listening to this? Because the Professor and the Wiz know what their talking about. I still listen to them because they know more about football then anyone else I know. Who else agrees?

And what happend after the wild card weekend you might ask?
There could be three things that could happen in the Jets-Pats showdown:
a) Jets 24, Pats 10; Tom Brady gets injured early and the Jets, full of newfound hope that our favorite Ugg-wearing superstar is done for the playoffs, dominate a depressed team.
b.) Jets 35, Pats 31; Mark Sanchez repeats his success from the wild card round and Tom Brady cracks in the final seconds to let the Jets storm into the championship game.
c.) Pats 42, Jets 12; I'm hoping this one won't happen. This would occur if each team played like they ended the season. That means, I hate to say it, Tom Brady at his best.

Steelers 16, Ravens 13; The biggest playoff massacre in years. Only two touchdowns will be scored in the game, and it'll all come down to FGs. I'm giving it to the Steelers.

Saints 21, Chicago 17; I just don't trust Chicago in this one, but the Bears do keep it close.

Eagles 27, Falcons 21; Sorry Atlanta, but Michael Vick is a repeat offender. Another stellar playoff game puts the Eagles in contention for the Super Bowl.

Here are my playoff picks and why:
Saints 24, Seahawks 17; The Seahawks hang around at the end, but Drew Brees controls his interceptions and gets the late TD.
Jets 31, Colts 21; Mark Sanchez shines in the clutch and Darelle Revis shuts down Peyton Manning's go-to receiver, causing a flurry of interceptions. Even his comeback is too short at the end, and Manning goes one and out.
Ravens 27, Chiefs 17; Joe Flacco puts too much of a gap between the two teams, and the defense is just too strong for Cassel.
Eagles 35, Packers 31; The best game of the weekend will define Michael Vick's season: a running TD to win it all.

if i chould choose between those two stars i whould say the eagle player because the eagles have had a good year so they might get in the super bowl.

Eagles had a good year.But they will have to face the packers.


"the eagles player" is michael vick do you even watch football?!?!?

Il rather have 100 than 50.

how to get money

Saints:24 seahawks:7
Colts:20 jets: 10
Ravens:27 chiefs:7
Eagles:24 packers:21

the JETS rock

the seahawks and jets are going to win, just my opinion!

you are right the seahaeks won but that was messed up they should not have won!

i love si kids

you it ALL wrong, the jets colts game is going to be close and the jets should win it.

lol you guys are som messed up except footbalace704 come on the seahawks have it in the bag lol year right the ravens will lose to the chiefs! come on! the raiders beat them every time they played and the ravens are good! and
football ace dude the jets will win YEAH RIGHT peyton brings it in the playoffs!!!

Chiefs are going to beat the Ravenc
s 38-31 in OT

hey hockeyhawk136 seahawks have it in the bag!

No offense, but I think you got a lot of things wrong HockeyHawk136. The Colts-Jets game will be close all day and the Jets will win it in OT, the Chiefs will get more points then 7, and the Packers will win by 3. Just my opinion!

hear the spurs are #1 in the nba not the lakers!

i hope the Lakers and Spurs don't win the championship, i want an underdog!