SI Kids RADIO: NFL Week 15

Paul Ulane

SI Kids RADIO: NFL Week 15 160

We break down the Colts and Jets must-wins, the Eagles escape from the Meadowlands and more. Plus: our favorite reader nicknames!

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tell desan jackons that i said hi and he is the best and his team michael is one of the greats q.b

Nickname of the week: Danny Woodhead- The Little Engine That Would. It goes along with the name, and it's true. He's just a little dude who is an absolute stud, even though no one else thinks so.
Also, why so much credit for DeSean Jackson? I mean, it was clutch, but come on. He had everything set up for him- that block by Avant, the brainless coverage by the "Tinies", everything. HE DIDN'T EVEN CATCH THE BALL. He picked it up and ran through a gapping hole. Easy. Not an MVP-type play, for all the MVP-type cred he's getting.

Ok. You try catching a punt in a tie game with 14 seconds left, see where the hole is, have the speed to get through the hole, and keep running all the way. I'd like to see you do that. He's not in the running for MVP. Most receivers aren't, even though he is one of the best receivers.

Steve Johnson.

Give it a week, HockeyHawk. EVERYONE will be calling him Matt Fling. Just remember where you heard it first!

@ the wiz dude matt fling COME ON!!!

@ double A no prob bro but he did use it

AthleteArtist you son of a gun!!!!!

Just kidding, don't feel bad. We do like a thousand nicknames a year, so it happens.

he didn't use it last week, if ever. I don't remember. if so, sorry

dude you copied the professor from last week (i think) danny woodhead the little engine that COULD dude why dont ya just let someone else do the work and get credit

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