SI Kids RADIO: NFL Week 15

Paul Ulane

SI Kids RADIO: NFL Week 15 160

We break down the Colts and Jets must-wins, the Eagles escape from the Meadowlands and more. Plus: our favorite reader nicknames!

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We started talking when after the Panthres pounded the Vikings in 2009.

Remind me again?

Hey SuperstarShortstop14 do you remember me,AceAce8824





whats up

STOP TALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no crazy...................


wats up

good u are the best.................


I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dude HE WAS TALKING TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i know...

desan jackons is my boy............

ok the first people who answered this the snowboarder and the cheerleader wat is rong with you all jackson is a punk. and bieber STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

peyton manning is my boy

desean jackson is beast!!!!

then why do you spell his name wrong?

what do mean?


i love justin bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yea the lakers is the best...............

You can,t be serius

try heat

YEAH MAN.Kobes a beast

Chris "didnt have a" Kluwe because he punted it straight to devin hester

what kind of nick name is didnt have a. "Didn have a" just scored a touchdown! not a reall nickname there...

Ya he did.


dude what are you talking about????????????????

Take A Poll Before College Bowls:What was most impressive this week?
a]Devin Hesters 65 yard punt return for a TD.
b]Desean Jacksons muffs the punt return and still takes it for a TD to beat the Giants with no time left on the clock.
c]Matt Flynn throws 3 TD's and stays with the Pariots before fumbling the ball in the final seconds.
d]Carolina Panthers and the Buffalo Bills both win against Arizona and Miami.

@AtleteArtist:No AthleteArtist its just because Desean Jackson is like the fastest man in the NFL and he muffed the return to so hah.


Polamalu doesn't even play on the kick coverage team anyway. And how are those plays any more of a fluke than the ones you gave? I mean, Jackson only even got a chance to return the kick because the punter can't kick a ball out of bounds. And then, not a single Giants player took a good angle to even atempt to get him down. He had that one gift wrapped, but you say Conolly and Smith were flukes?

@AthleteArtist:Those are all flukes and are not that important I mean Brad Smith for the Jets who cares the Steelers were without Troy Polamalu.

what about Rex Grossman, who had a MUCH better game than Flynn on less practice time and preparation, and Dan Canolly and Brad Smith, who also had big returns this week?


my nickname is "jacoby runs like a ford" he is awesome!!!!

i dout it.



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the eagles is the best...............

did you see what happen to the mall of amarica stadim it was busssss!@!!!!!!!

what a game for the eagles

Nickname for Desean Jackson: Dr. EverythingPS He can make a Souflee' better then Josh Scobee and Peyton Manning combined

wow! fullbackcoyote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!text to bigbro954

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