SI Kids RADIO: NFL Week 14

Paul Ulane

SI Kids RADIO: NFL Week 14 98

We break down the high-flying Patriots, the stumbling Jets, the injury-riddled Packers and more. Plus: the top  reader nicknames of the week!

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the chargers are not going to the superbowl the pats are going

patriots rock

I used to like the Patriots a few years ago until Colt McCoy and Peyton Hillis came to the Browns.But tom Brady I like.Once I went to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and i got a Patriots hat there.


tom rokssssssssssssssss!

great radio

who likes the dolphins

I don't like the Dolphins, never did,never will like the Dolphins.they are not that good and i hate their colors.

they're really not that good

There a ok team

I do

My nickname for the week is for the onside kicks yesterday, "The MVP, Most Valueable Play" because:
1) Philidelphia's onside kick gave them another touchdown to win,
2) Jacksonville's onside kick gave the Colts a touchdown, and
3) Green Bay's onside kick gave them the first posession instead of New England.

who will win the superbowl this year:

1) Patriots
2) Falcons
3) Saints
4) Steelers
5) Ravens
6) other

the patriots

patriots will

1. Patriots
2. Ravens
3. Eagles
4. Falcons
5. Colts

This is who will win the superbowl

patriots and falcons are the best teams this year. they're going all the way to the super bowl

the patriots and cow boys will make bit to the super bowl this year.

tom brady is obviously the best

NO Colt McCoy,Drew Brees are the best!

\ tom brady and toney romo are the beast.

We are getting killed with injuries. We have had at least four billion linebackers this year. I hope Brady throws 3 picks tomorrow, that's the
only way the pack will win.

I am P.O'ed to. Think about the packer fans! I am a seahawks fan though. But I lice in meridian,Idaho. Are u a Bears and seahawks fan?

do you think the eagles are going to the supper bowl because michael vick and dsean jackson? Go Eagles

first off, you spelled "super" wrong. second of all, the eagles aren't going anywhere. just because the egles have michael vick and desean jackson doesn't mean that they're better than the pats. the patriots are going all the way to the super bowl.

yea your awsome

stellers are going to win

You guys are all about football.

hey who wathes nascar i do? jimmie johnson won the championships. tony stewrt was on gearz on t.v with stacy david.

I'm taking a poll. Who thinks the Chargers are going to the Superbowl?


NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chargers won't win the super bowl. it's patriots all the way

THIS IS A MISTAKE! It should say.... I'm taking a poll. Who thinks the Chargers are going to make the playoffs? I guess someone took their dumb pills.

no they need a defense

i do because they are a good team.

The Raiders are the best i know they're going to the playoffs at least Raiders shine again like 1983 GO RAIDERS!

the raiders are in third place in the afc west with a 7-7 record. there not gonig anywhere.

who is the best football player THIS year?

Ben Rothlesburger.

I'll tell you who the best football player is... JAMES LAURINATIS!!!!!

because i think he is beast this year he was last year,too

A. Foster

i with you micheal vick go eagles

Brett Favre from minnesota vikings!!!

Tom Brady

Troy Palamalou

I think the best player right now is Michael Vick.

How do the steelers stink if there 10-3?


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