SI Kids RADIO: NFL Week 1

Paul Ulane

SI Kids RADIO: NFL Week 1 51

Our NFL experts break down the biggest stories of Week 1 in the NFL, from Calvin Johnson's non-catch to Michael Vick's breakout game. Plus: the triumphant return of Spell That Player's Name!

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The patorits are going to beat the bills in the nexts game

of course they will

hi no not wright

hey did the patriots win or not whatever days they played?

check out my den :D

>:O i need 50 points!
where is it!?

Where's my 75 points?!

The Pats have such a great game. Need to add Wes Welker to top 10 recievers. 2nd best in NFL behind Andre Johnson. This guy was beast last year, and shoot downs the questions about his health in week 1. Tom Brady is having a Monster year! Go Patriots!

My points for week one:
1. Don't buy the Giants, Ravens or Arian Foster- The Giants played the Panthers, ok?! The Panthers have no D, or any passing game. The Giants beat a bad team and won't do well at all once they play a good one. The Ravens looked pathetic against the Jets offensively, come on 3 turnovers in one half?!? And Foster played possibly the WORST defense in the NFL. Big whop.
2. Dennis Dixon is for real- in 3 years.
3. San Fransisco is better than what they played like in week one, and will still win the west.

go giants

the giants are playing the colts tonite and they sre gonna get killed by the team who lost to the texans who had a back who played only his seventh game!! your in for a suprise when the lose!

ha ha the best team every

ha ha thats the best team every

go AND Go

i think its a big waste of time. i love sports but not alot of people read this.if it was a tv show it would popular.

if i wore a ref i would make sure the KC chiefs win all the time.

'Cryin' Rex Ryan
Matt 'the squab' Schaub
Jay Cutler 'the butler'
TO and Ochocinco 'The drama club'
'Shonn king of white and Greene'
Mark 'the dark ' Sanchez


tony romo will destroy the bears. no way jay cutler will score a td cowboys the way he played. they so cheated the
lions out of that win. and tony romo threw the winning pass. when i saw that flag i was about to punch the tv. lets just say this lions won cowboys won thats what shoulda happened

The fact of the matter is that the Redskins won, and that is exactly how it should have happened. First, the Cowgirls broke the rules, and paid for it. You can't win by cheating. Second, if Barron hadn't held, Orakpo would have had a sack and we would have won anyway. Watch the tape, Romo doesn't even SEE him until after Barron had him like a father's day neck tie. Third, the Cowgirls wouldn't have had their first touchdown at all if not for a shanked punt that set them up at the thirty. Fourth, if you get that penalty back, then we get to take back Anthony Armstrong's bobbled TD on the first drive of the second half, or even the field goal at the start of the second half, and we STILL win. You score points, you win games. Cowgirls didn't score.

no the cowboy lineman held the guy so he lost not the cowboys but it is a team sport


Take A Poll Before College Bowls:What wide receiver was the biggest disappointment for someones fantasy football team this past week?
a]Terrell Owens-[7 receptions for 53 yards]
b]Desean Jackson-[4 receptions for 30 yards]
c]Andre Johnson-[3 receptions for 33 yards]
d]Michael Crabtree-[2 receptions for 12 yards]
[Remember to check out Take A Poll Before College Bowls on other NFL and College Football Blogs.Watch out for SuperstarShortstop14.]

good job chiefs!

dude,chiefs rock!

My nickname for Dallas Cowboys' game-losing player Alex Barron is "Washington's Best Friend," a twist on Professor Ulane's nickname.

If Barron hadn't held, the beast we call Brian Orakpo would have had an easy sack, watch the tape Romo didn't even notice him until after Barron had him by the neck. But this is beside the point. Barron's nickname should be "The Poker Player", because he was playing Texas Hold 'Em instead of football. Get it? Oh, and for Bob Sanders, it should be the opposite of Wolverine- Enirevlow. He can't stay healthy.


freak that,lets go falcons and panthers

texans beat the colts LOL

Anyway, Proffesser, in the old "playoff" additions, you did word associations. on superbowl week, one of the words was "wolverine". Wiz was supposed to say Dwight Freeney because he had wolverine-like healing powers. His ankle was injured but he was gonna play.
FF103 1, Proffeser 0!
BTW- Arian "The barbarian" Foster
Darren Sproles "Mighty Mouse"
C.J. "Week-1 non-thriller" Spiller
Ray Lewis "King of Pop"

ha,wrong.michael jackson is the king of pop!

the song is true. drumroll please... 168 yards of total offense!!
Wiz, I think the Steelers are going to the Ralph this year.

that song was AWESOME!

whoa nice song and considering i love "hey there delilah." that song gave me the chills.

p.s. GIRLS RULE!!!!

That song just melted my face off, FalconFan. Well done!

I made a song!!!!
Hey there Trent Edwards, man, your looking like a mess,
And we could really do some damage if you just take out the stress
and throw it llooonnnggg....
Prove all the haters out there wrong.... Your arm is strong...
Hey Captain Checkdown, whe're not looking for Tom Brady,
Just a better Kelly Holcomb, who throws further than a lady, WITHOUT ARMS.
7-9's your lucky charm.... and whe're ALARMED!!!!!!
Ohhhhh.... just throw the ball to Lee..... Ohhhh.... we hope for than 3.
Heyyy, To Roscoe or Stevie... Trent... just get some self esteem,
Be better than J.P........

Parody of "Hey there delilah"

Wiz, if you're seeing this, I think you should bring back the SIKids Radio show where the readers pick the topics!

Calvin scored a td
Good 4 u 4 putting him on ur fantasy team
Huge disappointment with the chiefs. I am a Chargers fan, but I didn't watch mondays game, so I dont know Legedu Naanee
I know Malcolm Floyd

i know

You guys are both wrong Wiz gave wolverine to someone and Professor Ulane had Leaagadu Nanee as a spell that players name.

Well FullBackCoyote, I like to think we were both right about the other guy being wrong. And I'm changing Welker's nickname to Wolferine, with an "F."

it was ok i guess.


oh and there is a certain Redskins defensive lineman -not Haynesworthless- I'm not gunna say it here, Proffessor, you have to find it yourself. But I guarrantee the Wiz will be stumped cold.

Calvin was robbed. The rule should be trashed; make it a judgemental call on the part of the official. You can't make an iron-platted set of rules and expect them to fairly apply to EVERY ONE of the BILLIONS of possible instances in which the rule could be put into place. It was obviously a catch, and therefore a touchdown, and therefore the Lion's third win in 33 games. As Filmore the fictional hippie van would say, "It's a conspiracy, man!" BTW, a nickname I would suggest is 'The Hokey Pokey' for Darrelle Revis, because in the Jets' defense, he is truly what it's all about. And LT should have gotten more carries, he had 62 yards on his 11 carries. That equals over 5.6 yards per carry. And what about the Redskins for team of the week? The Texans weren't half as much of an underdog as the 'Skins were against Dallas. It wasn't a pretty win, but a win it was and one well deserved.

the wosrt teams ever

Cheifs,Ravens,Panthers,Lions,and Vikings.

my faviote

you got that right!

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