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Paul Ulane

SI Kids RADIO: Readers Take Over! 44

Our experts discuss the best reader ideas, from T.O. and Chad Ochocinco to the AL Central division race to the best sports movies of all time!

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Invincible was good if you could call 30 for 30 the u a movie it would be up there and dodgeball was funny but i think miracle is the best sports moovie ever

check out press hop 2 on youtube

Who will win the NL Central? The Cards or the Reds?


TAlk about Space Jam or that awesome lebron james movie

talk about if the heat if there going to the finals with d wade chris bosh and lebron james

put a sock in it

Talk about Shaq Vs.

i know

yo can yall talk about how the heat is going to be with lebron d wade and chris bosh do you think they will make the finals

Really none of you guys is talking about Angels in the outfield or spacejam 2 of the best sports movies of all time.

Has anybody seen hoosiers? how is that not top 5? its at least top 10. but bring it on seriusly proffesor?

Has anybody seen hoosiers? how is that not top 5? its at least top 10. but bring it on seriusly proffesor?

Give me the heads up. "Bengals are the super Bowl Champs." That's what you're hearing on Feb, 2010

Ohh ya and what do you think about Kicking and Screaming with Will Ferrell?

Ya your right. By the way, what do you think about the Roy Oswalt trade.

I'm happy they got Oswalt, but I think Happ was the wrong player to be traded. I mean, I don't really care about the prospects since the Phillies didn't trade Dominic Brown, but Happ hasn't lost a game for the Phils this year. He can go the distance every game he plays like Halladay and Hamels. Blanton to me should have been traded. A great bat for a pitcher, but not a great arm for a pitcher. All I have to say to Joe Blanton iss your a lucky guy.

Have you seen Press Hop 2? Go on YouTube and watch it. B.T.S.S.B.

Stay tuned. Me and the Brain will break down Oswalt tomorrow on SI Kids RADIO. See you then!

Leaderultra you are so right Baseball rocks thats what i do to [i live, i breathe, ect., baseball
also baseball is on the top of the to do list insept for chours

The trade deadline before it ends. Oswalt has been traded to the Phillies and I have a J.A. Happ card. I believe it's a rookie card, but should I keep it? Will he come back? What's it worth?

What professional athletes are smarter than a 5th grader?

Thanks for the shout out, but seriously Air Bud? Bring It On? How about Hoosiers, Like Mike, The original Bad News Bears, Field of Dreams? I'm just saying.

I'm with you on Hoosiers, Bears and Dreams...but Like Mike?!?! I'd rather watch a dog fly around in a cape than watch Bow Wow try to act!

best duo in the NFL Bengals goin to Dallas this year.


Who are your top 10 players in the MLB?

1- Albert Pujols
2- Hanley Ramirez
3- Joey Votto
4- Matt Holliday
5-Vladmir Gurrero
6-Ryan Howard
7-Ubaldo Jimmenez
8-Dereck Jeter
9-Robinson Cano
10Jayson Heyward

4.Luke Scott
5.Matt Garza
6.Joe Mauer
7.Chris Carpenter
8.Vlad Glad
9.Dominic Brown {pretty soon}
10.Chris Heisey {leads league in pinch hit homeruns]

I live in lake placid and I've seen miricle.


Did u think it was good?? i did.

I agree with Field of Dreams. I even have a book that has Moonlight Graham's stats in it. Pitiful stats. Only played one game, then became a doctor.

How can't you talk about the MLB trade deadline?! Don't you wonder where Oswalt is gonna land? Sheesh.

P.S Bull Durham is where it's at

go seahawks

I think your seahawks have the best overall wide receiving core Branch,Burleson,and that great Deon Butler for PSU my college team.

I am with leader ultra come on duane

though the ones you said were good

how is nacho libre a baseball movie TheWiz?

i don't get it ho lebray

Major league? Bad News Bears? Field of dreams? Duane was dead on with sandlot and 61 but how could you forget those three, Professor ulane\Dmunn?

nacho lebre is one of the worst sports movies ever and DNJ so is cool runnings

If it has any baseball at all, I'm intrested. [i live, breathe, etc. baseball]

I haven't seen it in part because I despise wrestling.

The greatest baseball movie of all-time in Nacho Libre. Na-CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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