SI Kids RADIO: NFL Draft and NBA Playoffs

Paul Ulane

SI Kids RADIO: NFL Draft and NBA Playoffs 67

The Wiz talks NFL Draft, while the Hoophead makes a bold NBA playoff prediction!

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I'm not one!

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yo whats up thanks for the 50 points

no prob son.

Your welcome


What are u talking about

Hey Duane what ever happened to hitting the Wiz with the whiffle ball bat? I thought that'd really go down... BTW Wiz, Trent Williams simply makes more sense than Okung did for Washington. He is a better run blocker, a must for a good Redskins oline man, and will have less of a learning curve because he comes from a zone blocking college.

Sorry Wiz, but having an incorrect mock draft has stiff consequences.

What's with everyone wanting to hit me with a wiffle ball bat?

thank you very much for giving me me 50 point's. I sincerely appreciate the 50 piont's Again, thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the 50 points


I am felling weird about the NFL draft

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nice way 2 put it

thank you so much for giving me 50 points

What are u talking about

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