SI Kids RADIO: Headlines Throwdown (4/14/10)

Paul Ulane

SI Kids RADIO: Headlines Throwdown (4/14/10) 61

Our experts weigh in on the Jets' big trade, Big Papi's not-sot-big bat, The Masters, and more!

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Yeah, i'm Canadian, pwn!

Im a AMERICAN! But some kid taught me french te twa

Canada Stinks!!!!!!!!!!

That's what I'm talking about Wrestling Buffalo. Now I'm gonna get me some Timmy Horton's tim bits!



i know

WOW! Tim Hortons is in buffalo, wiz! DMunn, u have never heard of tim hortons? IT IS REAL! Western New York is out!!!!!!!!1!!!1

Phillies fans Kyle Kendrick is just BAD. He gave up like 5 runs last week and another six this week. He has a era of 17.47, terrible. Then the Phillies put in a guy they called up recently Nelson Figueroa and he pitched three innings of todays game and has allowed only one run and this a reliver who batted going 2 for 2 with a double and scoring a run. Some of these organizations just can't see it when a player stinks.

One last thing, from an eagles fan to steelers fans out there your players need to grow up and stop getting in trouble, but not Hines Ward. I want to get my question answered.

it litterally just came out!! look at the times!! :D

Well... now its been like an hour

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