SI Kids RADIO: Final Four Headlines

Paul Ulane

SI Kids RADIO: Final Four Headlines 55

We talk Final Four, Yao Ming, the Twins closers and more!

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i think syracuse had the worst tournament run out of all the #1 seeds. no offense wiz!

Meet on the final four preview blog at 4:35

evan turner is the player of the year

when will the naismith winner be announced

Go on the final four blog now to talk some sports.

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i like the joke

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i think evan turner will win the naismith award

He did.

john wall is way better than any other point guard in the college nation.

I agree with that. I can't wait to see how much more he grows. Kentucky disappointed me in the tourney, though. Joe Mezzula and the Mountaineers came to play!

Not than Taylor Battle if PSU had more guys like him they could make it to the March Madness Tournament.

evan turner will win the naismith award.john wall is good but to young.shuyer is o.k. but not great.anyone seen the mcdonalds all american game brandon knight had a buzzer beater

I just love to listen to your incorrect stats! Just dumb!

Just because Lebron has a better scoring average doesn't mean I can't like Kobe better. Lakers all the way.

What I have to say: I want Butler to go all the way.
Yankees have a shot this year, but the Cardinals are gonna go all the way.
Kobe vs. Lebron: A long time question, but I say Kobe is a beast.
Reply if you have an argument or an agreement.

i agree to all that stuff this is his friend but go bulldogs they r in championship!!!!!!!!!!!! go cardinals albert take them all the way!!!!!!!! red sox stink and kobe would school lebron any day of the week

Oh who was rite I am a beast I pick West Virginia to beat duke haa to all yall haters of butler

Lebron more beast 'cause Lebron has a better scoring average. Kobe also is a big pig and a show-off back at you baseballboy2505. And what is the problemo with Artest? Anger mangment??

People want the underdog to win Butler, but I like the other underdog Michigan State they aren't even playing with Lucas.

BigOrange10 are you still there?

I want Butler to win, but thats just me. Go Bulldogs!

A team is not in if they don't try, but some teams are already out of the picture like the Padres nobody was hitting over .300 when I went to watch the Padres and Phillies last year. It was sad. Don't be suprised if the Nationals are in the wild card chase this year due to the pick up of Ivan Rodriguez and Ching Ming Wang helping their starters out. They'll be great additions to the team after getting rid of Eligah Dukes they shouldn't have any distractions in the way.

since the season just started for major league baseball, do you think that all the teams have a good chance of making it to the world series? i know its a dumb question, but i want to see your opinion. thnx for reading! ROCK ON!!!

ESPN has reported that Donovan Mcnabb has been traded to the Raiders for Nnamidi Asomough of the Oakland Raiders. I can't believe it! I really can't believe it!That because it didn't happen April Fools. Get your friends and family as much today as you possible can and post your jokes and comments below.

Kung whatever if you haven't been watching ESPN you wouldn't know thats the trade that's most likely to happen if this trade happens. Go EAGLES!

april fool's day probaly you read somethin' wrong A CB for a Super BowlQB That's wrong
Reply for comments

Why would either of those teams make that trade? asomough is their best player!

What about that Kuntucky west virgenea game i am very mad!i had some words wrong.i am new to this are any of you i already got 50 points.

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fantasey baseball on yahoo is better!!!!! try it it was way better than this because my compouter said it could not understand the page so i didn't get on so i tried yahoo and it's better really try it. i got a few pitchers. my team is wascly wabbits!!! haha i love that name!!!!!!!!
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Does Yahoo fantasy baseball cost money and is it just for fun? No, I don't like icarly that is a little overated.

Is your bracket busted? If not what place or rank are you in and on what website or who is it with?

My bracket stinks i was with cbssports

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I love playing games or sports because through that I learn so much about discipline and sportsmanship. I am very sad to say that Ryan Leaf ruin his life. I will be honest – I grew up in Southeast Washington state. If you live there, all you hear about is Cougars this, Cougars that, and they never seem to win that many championships while raising tuition. That is why Ryan Leaf is an endless supply of hilarity to me, because as a former Washington State University quarterback, he is a perpetual embarrassment to that institution, as was his tenure with the San Diego Chargers and now his plea of guilty on hydrocodone charges. He probably needed payday loans for a lawyer. Oh, thank you for being such a loser, Mr. Leaf – it pleases me to no end.


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lets go yankees

True Joe Nathen is one of the closers in the game but it is not that hard to get 3 outs. Yes he is one of the best at doing that but Jon Rauch, Matt Greir and Pat Neshek are very underrated. I say the Twins win 90 games and win the Central

aprils fools day is in a couple day man. don't start making jokes about how the nats are going to be better than the white sox. nationals/expos only have like one playoff appearance. nationals don't have a team that can win games constantly. they practically have no body when you really think about it. you're right about how twins will win division but not the part about nationals being better than the white sox.

yankees going all the way just like last year