SI Kids RADIO: Sweet Sixteen

Paul Ulane

SI Kids RADIO: Sweet Sixteen 121

From Northern Iowa to Kentucky, it's time to make our Sweet Sixteen picks.

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BigOrange10 or Wiz.

I DONT REALLY Care so no

This website is awsome! you get your own mascot on here and your own cloths.

to much talkin man

dallas is the best

this is stupid

Dukes the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dukes the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hello duke stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!


duke is the best because they are go to the final 4.

Duke already made it to the final four


duke are going to get beat in the final four

I love the music!

i can't belive kentucky lost!!!!WVU had no 2 pointers in the first half. Kentucky only had like 3 or 4 3s in the game.they went 0-20 intil like 4:00 left in the game!

Kentucky goes down like a son of a gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you sure are right

Your right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i hate you all meanies

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh lol cornell at least made it to sweet 16

please reply back.

i wanna have a servey. since there is so much cinderellas this year, do you think the whole entire world of sports is fake? that also includes NFL, NBA, MLB, NLL (lacrosse, FYI) UFC, or even golf. reply back. i wanna get to the bottom of this

if this is true, alot of those bench-warmers should be actors instead of pretending to sit on a cold hard bench 16 games.

actually, i dont know if sitting on a bench is that bad. is it?
for my football boys&girls club rec team, im a HB, and LB. for my CYO basketball team, im down low, and power foward. i start for both.

anyway, i would really appreciate it if anyone gives me an answer. shoot, gotta go. "south park" starts in like 20 seconds.

Definatly no.

I'm doing a round by round bracket and I picked Butler and WVU so I'm looking pretty good right now.


my final four are duke,kentucky,wvu,andbaylor

kentucky wins it all beating duke in the championship

Did you see the buck's lose.

Michigan state All the way baby!


Thats what you get for naming yourself DorkRanger2..... but you got good taste for basketball teams.

sweetsixteen is so sweet

NO!!!NO!!!No!!!NO!!!NO!!!NO!!! this cant be happening OSU lost it has to be a nightmare how did stupid tennessee win HOW?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Buckeyes out of the tournement no no no no no no no no no no no
WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY???????????the osu buckeyes were in the drivers seat[just a frase meaning of being in drivers seat they control their own destiny or road to the final four]THIS IS TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!

ok i don't think that osu could win but we still have kentuky.

wat eva


kentuky is so sorry in football and basketball

kentuky is so sorry in football and basketball

why did washington lost its so not cool this stinks why did washington lost tell me someone why did washington lost to west v.

west v go hard

why did washington lost!

i can't believe kansas lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



ok they lost but you won't die!

who saw the xavier kansas state game??? WOW!!!! DOUBLE O.T.!!!!???? what a great game. the dude tried to make a 35footer and missed barely. i am shocked with the teams that are competing but im gonna have to say kentucky is going to beat NIU in the national championship.

hy is anyone there?????? echo...echo...echo...

i am.

HOW DID CUSE LOSE THEIR IN MY FINL FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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