SI Kids RADIO: NBA Trade Deadline

Paul Ulane

SI Kids RADIO: NBA Trade Deadline 162

From Antawn Jamison to Tracy McGrady, we break down the biggest NBA deadline deals.

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I think there were many good and bad trades but the BEST was Tracy McGrady to the Knicks. He'll be a really good addition to the Knicks poor shooting lineup.

i dont know why the bulls traded there best player


Good news for the celtics: Kobe's out kith leg and ankle injuries.



blee blue blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Go on youtube and go to Lebron James then get ready for some action


i wonder why the bulls traded there best player.

wsup yall

the nba is awsome plane an simple

i know right


what does that mean


Wuz up proffesser. do u think antwan will do better with the cavs . yes or no? do u think the cavs would've done better with amare or antwan

why is drew bres a football piayer

I agree the Professor

Hey BasketballBear41,

I think the Cavs are just going through a rough adjustment period with Antawn Jamison. He will be thriving with Cleveland within the next two weeks. Give it some time.

And yes, I think they made the right choice. Antawn is a much better fit for the team than Amare Stoudemire would have been. Stoudemire would've asked for the ball too much, whereas Antawn will fit in nicely with the Cavs game plan of running the offense through LeBron and playing tough D.

The Prof

Why the heck did the bulls trade tyrus thomas and john solmons for dumb players; they should get chris bosh,lebron james,or dwayne wade after the seasons over!

ur right that wuz so dum of the bulls to trade 2 pretty good players and get bad players that wont do anything.

In your dreams. No one wants to be with the Bulls ever since Michael Jordon missed that shot in the championship game. UGLY!

i really dont no but, ur right they should've gotten them . but the thing is that it would b 2 hard 2 get any of them.

i am a.......................................................................................................................... understend?


i don't like NBA sometimes its werid and washington kick out the sonics but why did they have to kick them out reply to me teamhawk4 if you have the answer.



do u think the bulls trade was a good trade

that was a stupid trade

of course not THAT WAS A STUPID TRADE!

football couch

yea me too why they trade carl kandry

Shoulda kept Landry. He was doing great! But, welcome Kev Martin!

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the rockets traded carl landry,Nate Robenson to my Celtics they got to be crazy!


The Celtics are doing pretty good I think they got a shot at the championship if the cavaliers lose especially with Rondo and Garnett am I right ?


why did,nt he play those 2 games?

Nate Robinson wasnt that good anyway. he's just good at dunking over really tall people

T-mac is gonna win the knicks a title...........NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally agree


Go CLIPPERS!!!!!!!!

Go CLIPPERS!!!!!!!!

clippers stink go blazers and heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont know really ho the clippers are but ive heard that they arent very good

the nuggest are 100 times beter