SI Kids RADIO: Amar'e Stoudemire Q&A

Paul Ulane

SI Kids RADIO: Amar'e Stoudemire Q&A 69

We ask five-time NBA All-Star Amar'e Stoudemire YOUR reader submitted questions!

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Go Heels!

haha my questions on there!

hi there people i got all of points

yah, how much do you have?????

How much do you have?

wassup people?

yo yo yo wassup

goooooooooo saints!


Did you see the jets?

yey I did

did you see the vikings?

Yah! I am happy they lost

Evan Turner Baby!!!!!!

Who is your Favorite Athlete?

NCAAB:Taylor Battle NCAAF:Daryll Clark

NBA:Andre Igoudala NFL:Donovan Mcnabb MLB:Ryan Howard NHL:Wayne Gretsky

NBA:Chris Paul. NFL: Adrian Peterson. MLB: David Ortiz. NHL: Sydney Crosbey.

so board

meh tu

anbody who says colts aren't going to kill the saints come talk to me.

speedyrunningback, the cards didn't make any mistake. they played the super bowl the way it should've been played. if you recall, that was when the steelers had a dynamic offense and the strongest qb in the NFL. kurt warner has already seen and won a super bowl. although drew brees hasn't, he will definitley give New Orleans something to cheer about. i agree with you on the saints taking home the title, bhut not on the cardinals making a mistake. (just because warner through that interception, doesn't mean it was a mistake.)

baseballgamer80, you're wrong. manning will go into the super bowl knowing that his butt was almost eliminated by the jets. and the rookie manager won't know how to run the offense properly. saints have a defense that can read any qb's eyes and be ablt to sneak through any slot.the more pressure saints put on, the pocket for manning will shrink. and if it shrinks(trust me, it will) he will one of two things. 1-get sacked. or two-throw an interception. when that happens drew brees will have much more confidence then manning and the colts defense. the super bowl is a confidence game. no confidence, no title.

The Saints r going to get DESTORYED!!!!!

You guys are all wrong the colts are going to win of course i may be a Giants fan put the colts are going to win with Manning Garcon Addai and Gonzalez. The only people Saints have is Drew Brees and Reggie Bush and they are ucky the have Jeremy Shockey he used to play for the Giants but anyway colts will win the super bowl which matter a fact is on my birthday February 7

the Saints can kill the colts any day any time

Colts are going to get there butts kicked !

I am with ya brotha

oh but the saints are gonna kill the colts so i guess i'll come talk to you who dat? who dat? drew dat! allthough the saints are in their first superbowl they wont make the same mistake the cardinals made

if you can have any job on the planet what would it be

it would be a nothing

pizza man

what is ur favrite college basketball team bsides the one u went to?

What is your favorite college basketball team besides the school you went to?

Penn State!


What is like being an nba allstar

what other sport do you like to play

literally, every sport.

what is your other favorite sport

Idon't really like my teacher and she dosent like me what should i do?

Sing her the pants on the ground song

leave out her class

be mean

be nice and behave and she will like you and be nice

What is you're favourite video game?

NBA 2K10 for Wii.

Madden09,but it's easy, I need someone to challenge me.

Mine would be between Mario Kart Wii and NHL 2K10.

My favorite video game right now would have to be Madden NFL 10 how about you?