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Paul Ulane

SI Kids RADIO: Top Stories 123

Professor Ulane and Duane from New Jersey discuss the NFL's Pro Bowl, Tim Tebow's pro prospects, storming the court and more.

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That one dude is right colts ROCK!




Why is everybody cheering for the saints????I hate them.I like the Chargers

booooooooooooooooooooooooo the chargers stink the cowwboys are number 1

Manchester must win!!!

manchester is a soccor team! we are talking about football NOT SOCCOR! anyway i really dont care who wins i just want to see the action!

chasa is better

saints will win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They will destroy the colts.

You wish Colts will destroy them Peyton Manning 346 yards.

you are so right!


KIDS THE PRO BOWL COMES FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can we get a blog on the Pro Bowl.

yeae sure


I can't believe the East and West game was last week I thought it was today until I went to Daryll Clark went 7/10 and had about 75 yards while Andrew Quarless had the go ahead TD for the East and out of PSU with 0:06 remaining in the 4th. He's going to be drafted for sure he's one of the most underated tight ends in college.

the vikes would have a better chance than the saints.the colts are gonna win but dont think im against the saints because i would rather have the saints win the super bowl p.s go nfc in the pro bowl

go saints and go nfc.

the vikes would have a better chance than the saints.the colts are gonna win but dont think im against the saints because iwoeld rathe have the saints win

Colts 49, Saints 28
Saints stink like Bourbon Street!

you are so wrong the colts stink like a pig!

GO SAINTS! Saints should so win!

you are so right.

I Agree .

Let's go COLTS BEAT THE SAINTS Go Peyton Manning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats right saints rock

I hope Manning dosen't get on fire

i bet he will.

manning we are coming right at you we are going to nall you so watch out number 18 we are coming right at you!

yes the pro bowl comes first but the super bowl is more important

Pro Bowl comes first.

the saints are going to win the super bowl for the frist time.

i hop that the saint beat the colts.

peyton manning is going down

every game that mannings bin n they won and the colts r gonna win.

go saints they are going to rock the colts. To bad the cowboys arn't going to the super bowl.

i hope that these playoff games saved reggie bush's career for the saints he becomes a free agent after the season

go Reggie Bush but I like Peyton Manning

Yeah lets go saints!!!!

i don't like the cowboys but go saints.

your awesome I want the Saints to win to.

welcome to the super bowl saints whoo!

Go Saints because I don't like the Colts.

go saints they are going to own the colts.

you know the colts are going to win and there going to own the saints

colts have a better QB and better receivers they also have a better line. I know they have not have the bast defense but Peyton Manning a future hall of famer and he can pass it to Reggie Wayne , Perre garcon , Auston collie , Dallas Clark.

yah write the saint will not I repaet not going to win! the saints stink

Are you crazy Colts are gonna kill the Saints!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Literally i hope)

yeah your right