SI Kids RADIO: NFL Conference Championship Recap

Paul Ulane

SI Kids RADIO: NFL Conference Championship Recap 150

Professor Ulane and The Fantasy Wizard discuss the Conference Championship Games between the Saints and Vikings and Jets and Colts.

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I still can't believe the Vikings lost! even though I am a Pittsbuerg fan

why are you that type of fan

hey!!!! favre on the ground, favre on the gound, looking like a fool with your favre on the gound, with your helmet turned sidways durt in your mouth, LOOKING LIKE A FOOL CUZ THE SAINTS PUT HIM DOWN!!!!!!get him up

GO SAINTS, Peyton Manning is going to watch from the sidelines in horror since he is going to run off the field crying after he breaks a finger nail. He is gonna think that he is hurt enough to the point where he will retire from foot ball forever. He will be scarred for life since he retired because of a broken fingernail. Hasta La Vista to the Colts. Down with the colts Arnold Schwarzenegger style !!! HA HA HA HA

The Saints are gonna win because they are awesome and so is Drew Brees.


YES! It was worth it for the Vikes to bring in Favre. Look at these numbers 33 touchdowns 4,202 yards a 107.2 quarterback rating and 7 picks how was it not worth it????????

where are my 50pts.

aaron rodgers

I love WWE

the royal rumble is on at 4:00pm. The pro Bowl is at 2:00pm which one will u watch?

Are You Gonna Watch The Royal Rumble

pants on the ground pants on the ground.................thats right brett ahad his pants on the ground 22 times in the nfc championship game

thats funny

the saints are the best team in the worled!

Dem saints goin beat dem colts.WHO DAT? WHO DAT?

you spelled WORLD wrong.

ur so lame for dat

that is so lame


hi friend wat r u doing today?

Colts win 27-20 with a Austin Collie one-handed left-handed TD catch after being tied. Jarraud Powers picks off Brees to seal it.

1. What do you mean LeftyYellow?
2. I hope Powers heals!!!


Well then it wouldn't be 35-28, it'd be 34-28, no extra points in OT.

It will be 35-28 Colts but Darren Sharper will pick off Peyton Manning and the Saints will score a touchdown with 30 seconds left in regulation. They would go into overtime and Colts would score on a corner-of-the-endzone pass to Pierre Garcon with less than a minute.


saints will win 31 to 28

Yeah, right! The colts are so going to win you better not come crying to me when the Saints lose!

wat is ur prolem

I dont know?


cool that is stuped

think you

in scool chillen

what do u mean ur scool chillen? i don't have school

the saints are unstopable they will manhandle the colts!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

the saints played a good game and i know that the saints will win the super bowl 44.

I hate the colts. And the vikes. I love louisiana, Mostly LSU, But now the saints are in the super bowl... I think the Colts are going DOWN!! And I really hope favre isn't going to try to retire then come back. Nobody will take him for a dum desion he made by throwing a int, instead of running it for a few yards and kicked a feild goal and won. But no the SAINTS WON AND THEY DESERVE TO WIN!!!!!!!

saints will win 45-40 Devery Henderson will catch a 37 yard td pass to win the game

Saints All The Way

do u like ufc,tna,wwf,wwe,wcw ????

have know idea what you are saying.

we are not talking about this.

mostly im a fan of wwe but kuz most of iz fake i like tna

i would have to go with wwe



i am from bothell.