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Trust us: you've never played a platformer quite like Warner Bros. Interactive's Scribblenauts. The cart, which claims "Anything you write, you can use," tasks gamers with helping main character Maxwell acquire objects called Starites (one of which is hidden in each of the game's multiple levels). But since Starites are almost always out of Maxwell's reach, helping him track them down requires the user to draw up a little help for our hero.

Here's how it works: using the DS stylus, the user types a word into the in-game dictionary, and it will appear on-screen for Maxwell to interact with. So, for example, if there's a Starite stuck in a tree, you just type in the word "ladder", and one will appear in the level, allowing Max to scale up and claim his prize.

Where the game gets truly innovative is with the level of vocabulary it is able to turn into in-game objects. You could get that same Starite out of the tree by typing in the words "chainsaw," "termites," or "trampoline." Basically, the only limits on the game's cast of characters are the one's set by your own imagination. You can type in almost ANYTHING. So long as it's a real word, the game will bring it to life.

Keep clicking for multiple screenshots of the game in action, as well as info on an opportunity to pick up a limited-edition version of Maxwell's red "rooster hat," for free!

PS - Keep in mind... aside from Maxwell and the backgrounds, most of the objects you see in the ensuing screens were created using the game's dictionary!

Photo: Warner Bros. Interactive

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