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By 1970, there were goalie masks of all types, but the one thing they had in common was their color, or lack thereof. Most masks were painted white, and nothing else. That is, until Boston's Gerry Cheevers unknowingly began the trend of decorating/personalizing the mask with just a few strokes of a black marker. What soon followed were different colored paints and graphics, which transformed masks from plain pieces of protective equipment to colorful works of art.

Here we rank the top 10 masks of the first expansion era (1967-82), beginning with Ken Dryden's. In 1976, Dryden debuted a new mask with a red circle in the shape of the Canadiens' logo inside a larger blue one. On a white background, the circles provided a target effect, inviting shooters to aim for the bull's-eye.

Text: Dave Kaye/SI.com
Photo: Tony Triolo/SI

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