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Semira Killebrew has always been ahead of schedule. She was reading and doing math as a toddler and is taking high school--level math even though she's only in seventh grade. So it makes sense that when she runs, she is the fastest on the track. Semira has set the record for the 55-meter race at the AAU Northern Indoor National Track and Field Championships in three straight years (2010 to '12), in a different division each time. She also won the 200-and 400-meters at those three events. At the 2013 USA National Junior Olympic Track and Field Championships in July, she won the 100-meter race. "She's not letting anybody outwork her," says Michael Vinson, the head coach of the Indiana Storm Track Club, which Semira belongs to. Semira's goals include competing in the Olympics and becoming a doctor. She's well on her way to both, and given her track record, she'll accomplish those goals in record time.

Text: Vidur Malik; Christina M. Tapper

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