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For the past five years, Winter has been bringing global awareness to prostate cancer, a disease that her dad died from when Winter was nine years old. Through her nonprofit organization, Team Winter, the two-time IronKids triathlon national champion has helped raise close to $500,000 and is on a quest to become the youngest person to complete a marathon (26.2 miles) on every continent. Winter already has six under her belt. She is also the youngest person to finish a marathon in Antarctica, and she set a women's course record at the Andes Adventures Inca Trail Marathon to Machu Picchu in South America. When Winter is not pounding the pavement, she's flying high as an aerial skier. She trains at Utah's Olympic Park and qualified for the 2013 Junior World Championships as a member of the Fly Elite aerial skiing team. A scheduling conflict kept Winter from participating, but that doesn't change her goal: landing a spot on the 2018 Winter Olympic team. "I have a lot of goals and I don't want to put them off until I'm older," she says. "I'm doing what I love and doing my best to keep the memory of my dad alive."

Text: Vidur Malik; Christina M. Tapper

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