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"It was third down, and we were trying to run the clock out, so we needed a first down on that play. I saw a hole in the defense. They ran a double A-gap blitz, which is a blitz in the gaps between the center and the guard on both sides. Evan Royster picked up a big block on one of the linebackers to spring me free. I looked to the left, and everyone on the sideline was telling me to 'slide, slide!' because they wanted the clock to keep running. But I felt like I could get outside and actually get a lot more yardage. So I broke for the sideline, and then cut it upfield. Then all I had to do was outrun the safety. I got past him, did a little high step, and the rest was history. The celebration was just a heat-of-the-moment thing. We iced the game, so I was happy. I saw the fans, and they were cheering and signaling for me to come jump into their arms, so I jumped in the stands and they went nuts. It was our little version of the Lambeau Leap. I guess we call it the Landover Leap."


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