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When I went to the YMCA as a kid, the lifeguards would freak out when I showed up, because I would just climb up on the diving board and jump in. But it's better to be safe than sorry, so this is for experienced divers who have a parent's permission!

For your takeoff, stand at the end of the board. If it's a springboard, rock back and forth to get the board moving. Bend your knees, jump up, and put your arms above your head -- as straight as possible with your elbows locked. Once you're off the board, bend your body in half and touch your toes, like you are bending over to tie your shoes. Then unfold and prepare for the splashdown.

The more vertical you are when you hit the water, the less splash you are going to make. Keep your elbows locked and hands together, your legs straight, and your toes pointed. Finally, look as pretty as possible!

Photo: Illustration by Andrew Roberts

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