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"This cap has a pretty cool story to it, and it's one of those that you don't know what you have until you get a chance to look at it a little bit more," Strohl said. Before the Yankees were the Yankees, they were called the Highlanders. But even then there was a New York-Boston rivalry. And that's where the historical significance of this hat comes in. This cap was donated to Cooperstown in 1990 by Paul Otis. Otis played four games for the Highlanders in 1912. When researchers began examining the cap, they found Otis' name written inside it. But under the leather headband they found another name: Cozy Dolan. Dolan played third base for the Highlanders in 1912 until he was sent down to the minors in June of that season. That means he was wearing this hat when he took the field on opening day 1912 when the Highlanders took on the Red Sox in Boston. It was the first game ever played at Fenway Park. This cap is also an important link in the evolution of the baseball cap. It has six panel and stitching along the brim, both of which can still be found in hats today.

Text: Dante A. Ciampaglia
Photo: Dante A. Ciampaglia/SIKids

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