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1. Fremont Die Tackle Buddy $24.99, nflshop.com
These inflatables are a great way to support your team. Or get one of your favorite team's rival for when you're frustrated.

2. Micro Chargers Jump Track $29.99, microchargers.com
Launch cars through jumps and around tight turns with this fun track, which can connect to other Micro Chargers tracks.

3. Lego Racers: Nitro Predator $9.99, lego.com
First you build these cool monster trucks and then crash them to activate the eject button, which sends the Lego figure flying.

4. Spot It! MLB $15.99, blueorangegames.com
Cure road-trip boredom by testing your friends and family to see how fast they can spot the logos of each major league team.

5. Terrain Twister $99.99, mattelshop.com
This remote-control vehicle can go just about anywhere — over land, through water — and get there fast.

6. Rico Checkers Set $29.99, nflshop.com
It may be a while before you make the jump to the pros, but you can still double jump your opponent with this NFL-themed checkers set.

7. Lil' Teammates $9.99, lilteammatesshop.com
Collect these fun 2 3/4-inch vinyl figures. Besides all the major pro leagues, there are figures for the top college programs.

Photo: Photographs by Don Penny and Erick W. Rasco (Lego)

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