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1. Nintendo Wii U $299.99, nintendo.com/wiiu
The GamePad on the Wii U is a portable gaming device, a video game controller, and a TV remote in one.

2. F1 Race Stars $39.99, store.gameinformer.com
Formula One drivers like Sebastian Vettel get behind the wheel on crazy tracks in this fun kart-racing game.

3. Afterglow Wireless Headset $89.99, pdp.com
With glowing lights on the sides, these headphones let you listen and speak to fellow online gamers.

4. Rock Candy Controller $24.99, pdp.com
Take your gaming to the next level with these colorful controllers for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii.

5. PlayStation Vita Madden NFL 13 Bundle $249, playstation.com
The PlayStation Vita has front and rear touch screens, which make playing Madden even more exciting.

6. Forza Horizon $59.99, forzamotorsport.net
Race or take to the open road in the newest edition of this driving game.

7. NBA Baller Beats $59.99, nbaballerbeats.com
Using the included basketball, show off your dribbling skills to get the high score in this motion-based game.

8. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 $59.99, konami.com/pes
Featuring superstars Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar on the cover, this soccer game is incredibly realistic.

Photo: Photographs by Don Penny

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