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1. Sports Illustrated Kids Big Book of Why $17.95, sikids.com/bigbookofwhysports
Get answers to sports questions, such as Why three hockey goals are called a hat trick and Why the Cleveland Browns don’t have a logo on their helmet.

2. Guinness World Records 2013 $28.95, guinnessworldrecords.com
There are 48 pages devoted to sports records in the new edition of this book, everything from the highest skateboard ollie to the most expensive soccer player.

3. Sports Illustrated Football’s Greatest $32.95, si.com/footballsgreatest
Sports Illustrated’s experts rank everything from the best quarterback to the top team. See if you agree with where your favorite players and squads ended up.

4. Cinelli: The Art and Design of the Bicycle $55, rizzoliusa.com
The bicycles made by the Italian company Cinelli aren’t just a mode of transportation, they’re works of art as this book illustrates.

5. Sports Illustrated Kids Full Count $19.95, sikids.com/fullcount
This book is filled with baseball Top 10 lists. Aside from traditional rankings, such as the most powerful sluggers, it also includes fun categories like the best mascots.

6. Unbored: The Essential Field Guide to Serious Fun $25, unbored.net
If you can’t find an exciting activity to do in this book, there might be something wrong with you. It’s packed with fun projects such as science experiments and tips for making your own movies.

7. The Greatest Moments in Sports: Upsets and Underdogs $19.99, sourcebooks.com
Relive some of the most exciting — and unexpected — athletic performances ever.

Photo: Photographs by Don Penny

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