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1. Google Nexus 7 $199, play.google.com
Watch videos, read books, and download apps on this seven-inch tablet.

2. Ipico Handheld Projector $129.99, beabigshowoff.com
Instead of looking at videos and photos on your iPhone screen, now you can project them onto almost any surface up to 50 inches.

3. Action Shot Camera $49.99, actionshotcam.com
Capture your great sports moments on video with this camera that easily attaches to your body or equipment.

4. Samsung MV900F Smart Camera $349.99, samsung.com
The screen on the back of this 16-megapixel camera flips up so you can take photos from lots of different angles.

Samsung Galaxy SIII $199 (with two-year contract), samsung.com
This smartphone has a 4.8-inch screen and lets you share photos and videos with other Sill's by touching the devices.

Photo: Photographs by Don Penny

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