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1. SKLZ Hi-Viz Football $29.99, sklz.com
Try to identify the colors, numbers, and letters on the ends of this football as it’s coming at you. It will train you to be a more focused receiver.

2. EvoShield Youth Protective Rib Shirt $89.99, evoshield.com
Wear this shirt under your football shoulder pads for added protection. The rib shields mold to your body.

3. Adidas F50 X-ite Ball $25, adidas.com
Add a little flair to your soccer game with this brightly colored ball.

4. Leather Head Football $125, leatherheadsports.com
Made of premium leather, this football looks great on a trophy shelf, but it is built to be played with too.

5. Nerf Firevision Sports Nerfoop Basketball Set $14.99, hasbro.com/nerf
When you wear the glasses included with this mini hoops set, you can see cool visual effects on the backboard and the ball.

6. SKLZ Click-N-Hit $29.99, sklz.com
If you swing correctly, this bat will make a click at the point of contact to help improve timing at the plate.

7. Louisville Slugger MyEvolution Custom Baseball Glove $299, myevolution.slugger.com
Who says baseball gloves have to be brown or black? Now you can customize your mitt in a wide range of colors.

8. Riddell 360 Helmet $376.99, riddell.com
This helmet is built to disperse the energy of impacts from all angles including hits to the front of the face mask.

Photo: Photographs by Don Penny

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