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Episode: How Munched is that Birdie in the Window First aired: Nov. 28, 2010 Memorable Moment Moe approaches Homer and Bart and suggests they enter their pigeon in the "Springfield to Shelbyville Birditarod." Homer: "Hmmm. Me, the patriarch of a bird racing dynasty." Homer imagines himself holding a trophy that reads: "YAY HOMER" Danica: "Congratulations Homer!" Homer: "Danica Patrick in my thoughts!" Danica: "That's right Homer. I'm contractually obligated by my sponsors to appear in random fans' fantasies. Better not tell Marge about this." Marge suddenly appears in Homer's fantasy and yells at Danica. Marge: "You Brickyard bimbo!" The two start fighting over Homer.

Photo: Ben Watts/SI; FOX

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